Season Tickets

I just want to express how happy I am that I made the right decision in dropping my 6 season tickets!
Now I can sit back relax and watch the same old Ticats from the comfort of my home and spend alot less money.


I understand. If we turn it arond are you comming back?

We "fans" are happy you made that decision too.

Why even watch from home???

Do something productive.


Don't sweat it, you begged for that reaction with your sarcasm.

Fans like you are the reason Bob had to save this team.

Well it is great that Bob saved this team but it was just not fun anymore sitting in the stands. Prices continued to rise while service went down. The team is terrible and nothing but bone headed decisions have been made with this team. This managment here seems to be taken lesson from the Maple Leafs. Dont get me wrong, I dont care if we lose as long as we are competitive, something this team has not been in a long while.

If my favorite restaurants service and value went in the toilet I would stop going there as well. Me not renewing tickets is the only way that I can protest. Again look at the Leafs fans, no matter how terrible the team is the fans still reason to do anything about the team when there is no more money to be made. When is the last time the leafs won the cup?

But you have to crow on the fan forum that you dropped your tix and you intimate we are dumb for not doing the same. Guess what, you'll get ripped for being an idiot

Yeah Crash...and that's why fans like you will turn us into the Maple Leafs.

Can you tell me that you are happy with what is going on there?
I would have loved nothing more then to have people say…hey you made a mistake, this team has improved, they are competitive, but they just have not improved not at all. Calgary smashed the Cats and then got smashed in there next 2 games…where does that leave the cats.

Not happy but frankly I don't need or want to hear an I told you so jerk. I see that there are signs of improvement rather that the backwards spiral of the past 2 seasons

What are those signs?

One game behind Calgary in the crossover?

:D :D :D

It means that Calgary had an excellent opener and toyed with the Cats, then played two games in five days and were completely brutal against two teams that took them to school.

Calgary played extremely well against the Cats. Period. End of story.

The Stamps played two brutal games back-to-back in five days. Nine turnovers? ANY team could beat Calgary last Thursday. Cats included.

Trying to read anything into how teams stack up by "who beat who" considerations in the CFL IN JULY FFS is a bit much. There's one team -- BC -- that shines right now. That's it.

I really miss seeing you at the games too.


Wow that was original.
Let me try…I will miss you too…NOT

Good running game
A QB that can actually throw 25 yards or more
Recievers stepped up their effort for catchable balls

Those are things that were severely lacking but look to be improving.

The kicking game was already solid

The defensive line seemed to be doing a better job against the run and pressuring the QB although its a long way to acceptable

The defensive backfield had a rough start but got almost to acceptable in the second half

Original? Try coming on this site after a loss and claiming to have cancelled your seasons tickets.


See you when we're winning.

Why even watch from home. Its much better going to the arena plus you dont have to watch commercials and you get to see cheerleaders XD