Season Tickets!

Hey just wondering who has Al's season tickets and how long did you have to wait on the list for them and also what section ya got! :thup:

I waited 5 years and finally got them last season! I just reserved mine for this season..I missed the early bird special :frowning:

I got mine last year after only waiting a year. I was shocked when I got hte call because i was told it would be 2-3 years minimum. Im in section Z I think row 3. Theyre some decent seats the als seem to score a lot in that end

Got on the list in 2002 IIRC, and got a call in April 2004 offering me 3 tickets in Section Y silver).

Jumped on the offer even if I was moving to Gatineau for my work in Ottawa.

I never miss th early bird special because I consider this my x-mas gift :wink:.

We are now looking to be re-located, to the south side upperdeck, once Phase 2 is done.

Mine are in bronze c2 about 5 rows from the top...i called and asked if i can switch for the last row on top but they told me i would have to be put back on the waiting list! i like my seats but sometimes i get really big ppl next to me and it gets uncomfortable!

Proud Season Ticket holder since 2000. I finally changed my seat at the Olympic Stadium, now were in the Double letters, about 7 rows up, at about the 50 yard line, behind the Als bench!

Should be great for the Grey Cup in 2008! Not to mention, great for the wallet :cry: But it's worth it :stuck_out_tongue:

i found 4 tickets sat in the gold section row i1 at the bottom a company wants to get rid of them