Season Tickets....why so early??????

I am just wondering why season tickets have to be renewed so early in the year????? (or a $100 deposit)

Hamilton has 2 major Employers..Stelco and Dafasco. Both companies run shift work. A LARGE percentage of people in this city are employed their, and, yes they are TICAT fans.

Having to renew your tickets before the schedule is out is hard. Why would you renew if you are not sure what games you can make?????

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We understand your concerns with the schedule not being released before the renewal deadline. The schedule was set to be released well before the deposit deadline. Stay tuned for more details to follow...

What year did the schedule come out before the deposit deadline?
I honestly don't recall the schedule ever being out before we had to have our deposits in.

Last year the pre-Ottawa disaster schedule was out in January prior to the Super Bowl weekend renewal deadline.

...what does it really matter?
If you're a fan who wants to support the team by purchasing seasons tickets sign up and stop making excuses. :roll:
We all come up against game day issues but give your tickets away (try giving them the a charity, it will make you feel good! I hope.)
I couple of missed games is really no big deal and why should the CFL and its teams worry about so few? The schedule may end up working out for you, but maybe not for someone other words stop being so self centered.


Catattack, I think it is quite valid for someone to wait until the schedule is out to get or renew season tickets. Being self-centered on putting money down on professional sports entertainment is fine, it's not like some moral dilemma really.

I too will be waiting for the schedule to be released. i'm assured by ticats this is not a problem. My problem is how the snuck in a ticket increase on tradition members by "including" a tiger town pass. thats a 27 dollar increase. If you dont want it you have to call or you'll be charged anyway. Kinda like the cable company.

fleming, are you saying if you say you don't want the tiger town pass, that your tickets are reduced by $27.00 overall?

All season tickets had a general increase of $23.20 across the board. This is roughly a $2 increase per ticket, and has nothing to do with the Tiger Town pass.

If you have any questions please contact Joe Gallagher at 905.547.2287 ext 251 or

If this is the final year of your 3 , then yes. They obviously dont want anybody to know.
the proper way would have been the option of the passes. if they have 12000 renewals at 27$ a pop increase thats not bad. How many people are going to use the 4 day pass anyway? not many. Traffic,parking work etc.. yo can alwaays buy a one day pass on site for 15$ Its reverse billing and worse THEY broke the contract.

A personal attempt to address this issue which affects many is far from self centredness. Everyones threshhold for tolerance varies. Dare I ask, if season tickets were to cost $150-$200. per game, and you were unable to attend several games, might your outlook not vary?

My acceptance threshhold led me to dispense with the purchase of 4 season tickets this year. You now have the priviledge of telling my 4 empty seats how self centred you find them.

Dang, here I thought I was the only one too tough at this forum.

I agree the schedule is important to some. For example I have to plan so many events this summer. All my kids play sports so tournaments, cats games, vacations, cottages, etc take up much of the summer time and I need to plan accordingly. It isnt even so much what I’ll miss it more I need to know so a I can plan.

What are you talking about ...A "traditions" price increase? Could it be that you are talking about those that already had their traditions 3 years expire and were offered a deal of the 4th year at the 2005 price? Let's not get into that debate again. :roll:

I just renewed mine and they were EXACTLEY the same price as last year and the year before! (well, sorry they did go down about 1% thanks to the GST reduction).

You either want the season's tickets or you don't. There are lots of good reason's to be a season ticket holder...the least of which is the price! Everybody has their reason...mine is I like my seats. I know where I'm sitting each game and if I can't make a game or two...I give them away and don't miss it because I'm still paying less than if I walked up and bought.

So if we are in our final year of traditions why was it increased? and if it has nothing to do with tigertown why is the increase recinded if we dont want tigertown?

buy individual tickets...LIKE ME.

It's incredible to me that a league with only 8 teams has so much difficulty putting out a schedule.

Are season ticket holders no longer getting vouchers for 2 additional game tickets? The Tiger-Town pass just doesn't interest me.

good point.
So why the price increase if we had a 3 year term.Do you think we wouldnt notice.I signed for 3 in good faith that you would honour the contract.Maybe its time someone came clean!!!

Traditions members had no price increase! :roll:

guess again.look a little closer at your invoice.and read the quote from gallagher

i agree