season tickets Stadium upgrade fee idea

Hamilton is Broke ...
Will The Season Ticket Holders be willing to have yearly Stadium upgrade free of 150.00 Per ticket for next 10 years.
Let do the Math. 150.00 X 1,900 Season Ticket holders. = 285,000 per year X 10 Years= 2,850,000
I bet half of season ticket holders will say no to have seats go up at all

For Flex holders the free would be 100.00 a Year for 10 years
Game day tickets would go up 40.00 Per Ticket for next 20 years...

Let me just state this. BC Place is getting a $500 million reno. No BC Lions fans had to or will have to pay a stadium upgrade fee. Nor should they.

where not BC and these are not the Olympics

And BC does not have a $20 BILLION deficit - this is the worst deficit that Ontario has ever faced. For the first time in history Ontario has become a "have not Province"

Maybe McGuinty can cancel the $7 BILLION contract with Samsung to build Solar Panels.

I would just like to say that there is more than 1,900 season ticket holders. There's approx. 14,500. So we could add a few more zero's to that amount.

And I agree, I believe the province and the Ticats (w/o surcharge) will come through with the money.

$150 is a bit too much for me, unless I got stock options from the team :lol:

I'd be willing to put in an extra $50 a season but much more then that, and I'd be hard pressed to afford them.

Ohh the irony of this thread!

If there are around 14,500 season ticket holders, and we are dealing with a $30 million dollar short fall.

30,000,000/14,500 = 2068.97

2068.97/10 years = $206.90

Yeah....there isn't any way I could afford my season tickets going up by $206.90. There needs to be more money from somewhere, be it the province, the Feds, the Cats or the Private Sector. :frowning:

So many cities have the Feds and the Prov pour money into their economy. Hamilton deserves their share.

Let the Feds and the Province of Ontario step up on this one.

I'm sure "Steve the P.M." will come through for us. He seems like a Hamilton kind of guy. :lol:

Pat Lynch(the old guy)