Season Tickets question

So I've been thinking about getting a pair of tickets. The website mentions this:

•Ticket Swap Program – Season seat holders can swap or exchange their original seats for the same number of seats they possess in their account, at the equal or lesser price point based on availability. Some conditions apply.
Does anyone know how this works exactly? I seem to remember that there were more specifics about this when the info for 2015 tickets was up. Something about having to have your swaps set by a certain date, and you couldn't do it for certain games?

Does anyone know the full details of how it works?

Jonny , try calling 905 547-2287 and talk to a ticket rep and see if he or she has the answers you are looking for . Cheers

I did it this year. You need to make the swap before a deadline. I think it was sometime in August. I knew I couldn't get to the opener so I got four tickets to the labour day game. Same with the Calgary game. I don't think you can do it last minute but tickets were mailed out to me pretty quickly.

Let me tell you this...I've been a season ticket holder for years and the Ticats will do all they can (within reason) to help you with tickets. :thup:

Look at all the deals and discounts you get. :wink:

Season's are the way to go...even if you can only make half the games and give the rest away. Besides, you have your play-off tickets and your Grey Cup tickets first choice.

Thanks for the push woody! Just bought my 2016 seasons :rockin: