Season Tickets question

I've been very busy lately and I just remembered today via someone's post on Twitter about the season seat holder pick up party.Can someone tell me the details please and thanks and if possible the details to the annual Ticat's serving at Jack Astor's dinner?

Pick-up party is this Saturday from 11-1 at Ivor Wynne.

Thanks, greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

Just received my seasons tickets today and I want to give the Tiger-Cat organization a big thank you for giving the seasons ticket holders some big, bold and beautiful tickets for the last season at Ivor Wynne Stadium to have as keepsakes. While glancing through them I noticed an error. All tickets include a photo to celebrate a great Ticat moment at Ivor Wynne Stadium. On the Sept.15 game vs. Edmonton they show a photo of Terry Evanshen when he scored 26 points in one game. Only problem is, that game was at Lansdowne Park in Ottawa. I remember that game very well because I was there watching it. Ottawa running back Art Green and Evanshen both scored four touchdowns each in the same game.

Know it all lol. :stuck_out_tongue: I love the tickets. I didn't catch that mistake because I'm pretty sure i was just a baby when that happened lol.