season tickets in the mail

Has anybody recived there season there season tickets yet in the mail, for there local team?

just got mine today for the lions, looks very sharp.

…the stamps package is available this Saturday…

With the Bombers, season ticket pick-up is from May 28 to June 6. I don't think they mail season tickets to people.

Last week, in Ti-Cat land. A mail-out to all those who couldn't attend the Pick-Up Party at the stadium.

Got mine last week from the Argos. Nice packaging too.

You are all lucky. Apparently Hopson is still licking envelopes.

And a pick-up party, what a great idea.

...this Saturday is also Fan Appreciation Day at McMahon where the players that are in town (most anyways) are available for autographs and pictures and the game field is opened up for fans to stroll around on, there are inflatable bouncy structures for the ten and under crowd, skill competitions between fans and players and other media/fan events...

They also do the same here in BC it is called fan fest we usallay get about 4-6 thousand for that lots of fun .

A small forest...

Mine just arrived yesterday - came in a nice booklet instead of the usual stack-o'-tickets :smiley:

My favourite part is the picture of Lui Passaglia and the quote on the page is "there will always be only one Lou in BC"

Good for them! The "LOOOOO"thing for Luongo always bugs me, as it was the chant for our Hall Of Fame punter/kicker. I know it's not the exclusive domain of Lui Passaglia to have the crowd cheer his name and his alone, but some things should be sacrosanct in this town and that was a fond memory of mine.

Besides, the "LOOOOÖs" for Luongo are way overdone. Even a harmless shoot-in from centre ice gets fans going "LOOOOO!"

Very ghey.

We've had ours here in Edmonton for a couple weeks now. We always get ours in the mail come the middle of May.

Got mine but I was a bit disapointed that they didn't continue the plastic card instead of paper tickets. I liked that a lot better. There are less goodies like no free vouchers for a pre-season game. I guess they realized they don't have to do stuff like that this year, Empire is goina be packed all year long.
Until the Canucks come back at least.

Uncle Jim couriered mine out to me and I got them Friday. Package is based on the 100 year celebration, and is quite nice. Far better than anything they've put together in years past.

Just ordered my Grey Cup tickets! Section M! :rockin: