Season Tickets - In the East

I do understand the economics of the practice, but why can't you can't your purchase a single season ticket? You have to purchase them in pairs. I would certainly pay more for the single seat rather having to pay for two.

Since when and where?

My apologies for not being more specific. The Argos would be one good example.

Ok because I know for a fact that Montreal will sell single season tickets

And I just checked the Argo web site and it defaults to 2 tickets but you can select 1

Well it's because the Argos don't want you sitting alone in an empty stadium. :rofl:


You can purchase single Argos tickets, but there's a few rules like no aisle seats for single ticket holders and no leaving a single seat behind. You have to find three seats in the middle of the section and pick either the left-most or right-most, leaving two seats beside each other.

Can't answer the "why" on this though.

Yes, I have a single seat season ticket. Never a problem for me.

I have no problems. I have a single seat season ticket. I am waiting closer to when season starts to buy another.

Where is that? I assume MTL?.... you can certainly purchase single seat in Calgary (I'm not in east obviously) . That seems a strange practice

Why do you assume Montreal? And he already said it was Toronto and I already said I for a fact it is not Montreal?

You can buy single season tickets in Toronto. I've had one for years.

stop it, why fight?

It's a legitimate question and my points are valid

The "why" is because a single person is either wasting an extra season ticket or else they need to change all the seating plans they assigned for social distancing

Think about it, seats 1 to 20
1&2, 4&5, 7&8, 10&11, 13&14, 16&17, 19&20
Putting a single person in either shifts entire row over or wastes a seat in a premium area

Now from a realistic standpoint this IS the Argos so I doubt a sell out is an issue
But I know other Ontario attractions (eg Toronto Zoo, Canada Wonderland etc) needed to jump though some insanely laughable hoops to be allowed to open so I suspect Public Health and Politicians are to blame

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Well lets see here, why would I think he was from MTL, could it be the Alouettes helmet?

What an idiot I am for making that connection!!!!

I am an Als fan but I have lived my entire life in Kingston, ON. Our city created some news last week with the removal of Macdonald's statue. I till be moved to his burial site here in Kingston.

I don't blame ya I always thought that that clown was as creepy as hell . :clown_face:


Not that clown. Sir John A. Macdonald's statue was taken down.

It's a matter of time before he disappears from the $10 banknote as well.

Meh, perhaps we should just stop building statues of politicians anyway since all of them probably lied and cheated to get where they are in the first place. Celebrate national accomplishments, not the individual that took credit for the work of many.