season ticket upgrade dates?

just wondering when season tickets can be upgraded for shareholders?

i can't remember the upgrade dates from last year nor can i find any info this year(couldn't get a hold of the ticket office on time).

The renewal deadline has passed, so I think anyone can upgrade at this point.
I was somewhat surprised however, that there does not appear to any information regarding this on the website.
There used to be...
I guess Hopson's new staff are doing a superb job....

actually i just found out 3 day ago that shareholder's will be able to upgrade their seats at the end of april, with the rest of the season ticket holders to follow according to senoirity.

the reason i was given for it being late this year is because the season is starting later this year(also some b/s about a new system and new staff).

the ticket office will be sending out info within the next 2 weeks.

There is no legitimate reason for it to be so late. nor for the needed information to not be on the website.
The primary staff shake-up occurred prior to the firing of Roy Shivers, so I hope we don't hear that Tillman isn't getting things done because of a "staff shake-up".
And the season is maybe a week later this year?

I would ramble on about the incompetance of Hopson, but nobody would believe me anyway......