Season Ticket updates

Hey folks,

Just wondering if you have updates on season ticket sales
for all the teams?

Alas, I'm typing this from Whitehorse where we haven't quite finalized
our bid for an expansion franchise. :wink:



Don’t say that word expansion…Third and Ten will have a cardiac, and You’ll get Kanga started with his 50 team idea for expansion…again!

Actually, If you check some of the older posts, I think One of the other posters (I think maybe Red and White) might have found a site or link to check Season ticket sales.

Riders are approaching 13000 season tickets. That's not great but they have already surpassed last season's numbers.

Go Riders!!!

I heard that Calgary is at 20,500 on the weekend.

The ARGOS are at about 10,000 which is twice as many as last year.

thanks guys,

Just to confirm, the stamps are approaching the 20 000 mark.

Bravo to cowtown's fans and the team brass

I agree and just more great news for the CFL. :smiley:

Feterik must look at these numbers and think "Damn... I left one season too early. The fans just woke up." :smiley:

I think Edmonton is around the 30,000 mark, not too sure though.

Dave Sauve said yesterday that the Ticats' ticket sales are about 10% higher than last year, and that they will have about 17,000 season tickets.

I hear conflicting counts. 1 Radio station in Vancouver says 18,000 The other says 21,000. Hmm, I'll unofficially split the differance and say 19,500.

Anyways it's way up from Last year.

No, I believe theyère at 25,000...

Hehehe ... Feterik probably figures he built the solid foundation that led to all the season tickets :wink:

Actually, the Stamps have had at least 20,000 season tickets for the past 4 or 5 years (surprisingly, even throughout the F-troop era ... THAT'S loyalty!). I remember in 2000, when we hosted the Cup, there were around 25,000 season tickets - in a 35,000 seat stadium, that's pretty good ...

I maintain that if the Feterik era had never happened, and if the owner (instead of Feterik) had kept Buono, allowed the team to keep moving forward, etc ... the Stamps would very nearly sell out every game. Considering that throughout the Feterik era, the lowest (paid) attendance was still just shy of 30,000 (and even then, only on a couple of occasions) ... if you combine that with a good owner, less off-field soap-opera drama, and a good team (which we could have been) ... you get sellouts in a 35,000 seat stadium.

"If", "If", ...what in the hell is your point?

My point is that if the eskiblows were sold to some american whose sole interest was having his son play quarterback, your average attendance would drop by about 5,000 per game.

I think here in Ottawa we’re at 12. There were 2 new renewals last month. Things are looking up. Yahoo!! lol

Go Rens Go!!

5001 as of yesterday! Just kidding. No clue for the Renegades but surely the number will go up after the 99$ sale on 25 Jun.

By the way, 42,000 seats have already been sold for the 2005 Grey Cup at BC Place between the Lions and the Ticats.....wait a minute.....sorry I must be seeing into the future. CAT FIGHT under the Dome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway, 42,000 SOLD before the regular season even begins with only about 16,000 seats left. It'll be a sell out for sure and the Place will be LOUD no matter who plays. :lol: