season ticket update

Just a follow up:

season ticket holder for 14 years

Originally posted at the beginning of season ticket renewal about how I had 3 seats in section 104. If I didn't renew all 3 it would leave a single seat open and was told I would have to move sections. Although the situation wasn't handled professionally in the beginning, It is the end result that matter, the ticat account managers worked very hard with me to just keep two tickets and we found another person to take over the 3rd ticket.

I thank them for there hard work and they even past on the price for the seasons to the new person.

Its nice to see that tickets are in high demand and looks like we will have a packed house in 2016!

I went on the virtual venue and there are no seats available on the West side and 500 available on the East side.
I "assume" that means that season tickets have almost been sold out. I don't know how many they have allocated this year as season tickets. I was hoping for a mini-package because I am only around in the summer months but they are either not selling them this year or they will start selling them after the season ticket sales end.
But it's good to see such a high demand.