Season Ticket Tabulation?

So I did some poking around the THF virtual venue here

[url=] ... ils/15cats[/url]

and determined that there is a grand total of 815 season ticket holder spots left on this map, with no possibility of getting a seat in various sections.

Does this mean we have 23K+ season ticket holders? If not, I have to wonder just how many general admission tickets the Ti-Cats hold onto. It's certainly good news that we are a mere three digit number from hitting the season ticket limit.

I'm fairly certain that they keep a percentage of seats in each section available for walk ups on a game to game basis. I don't think they theoretically try to sell out the entire stadium for season tickets

No, the limit for season tickets is 16,000, the rest are individual game tickets. I assume that if they are still selling season tickets then they are below 16k

[url=] ... at-16-000/[/url]

If that is the case, then we have a pretty healthy season ticket base some 15185 strong.

Yes, and hopefully they will be announcing pretty soon that season tickets are sold out and only individual game tickets left. I think the mini packages count in the season ticket sales. I'm sure the Private Suites and Club Seats will sell out, they announced in May last year that they were sold out but then they had the delay in the stadium opening and all of them refunds and cancellations.

Yep Just means they need 815 more seats sold to hit their season ticket holder limit and im sure some tickets are on hold for previous STH,s with Intent to still renew their seats

One thing you are all missing; it is common practice for sports teams to limit what inventory there is for sale, to stimulate demand.

ie: 1000 of some product, but only listing 200 at a time, gives the impression of scarcity. This is normal and happens quite often.

I was looking at some TFC tickets. They have 30k seats in there stadium, but relatively few season seats showing as available, as they are not releasing them all at the same time. Showing 20k seats available to purchase doesn't create the same demand, as showing a block significantly smaller.

I don't believe tickets are going as well, seeing as they just finished a promotion offering seats with free parking, and 40% discounts on merchandise. Unless you take the stance that the team is being charitable and not trying ot make a profit, then that means tickets are not selling as well and therefore they needed to offer incentives.

The Ticats have 16,000 seats available for season tickets and that number includes the mini-packages, and the club seats.
Assuming they sell out, then there would still be over 8,000 individual game tickets available. I think the individual seats go on sale in May when they have the big promotion about buying Labour Day tickets before they sell out etc
As for TFC, the do the same thing, they have 17k season tickets available, don’t know if it’s the same availability in the new 30K BMO

TFC have not specified a season ticket limit (yet) with now 8,200 more seats to sell at BMO. Apparently they've already passed last year's 17,000 season seat total and are expecting to sell about 20,000 season seats this year.

With the Cats I would expect we should see some 3 game flex packs going on sale soon.