Season ticket sales

Anyone know where their respective teams stand on season tickets sold? I’ve heard the Ti-Cats are into the 18,000s, but have no idea for anyone else (well, I can assume Montreal has sold out). Any knowledge of this?

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I'm looking mate, but they should have something posted there soon

We're looking better than last year, believe it or not, with 18,000 a very realistic goal. Article below in today's Hamilton Spectator. Can't wait for the season to start, or as the Black Eyed Peas say, let's get it started!

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Ok, I'll stop just for you KK.


2000 :evil:

they (Ott) will be refunded, and will come back with 8,000 more in 2007. for and adv attendence of 20,000.

Montreal has between 5000 and 7000 people on a season tickets waiting list. All the tickets in the stadium are available as season tickets except those in the endzones.

So the Alouettes must have about 17 000 season tickets sold.

Ottawa should try to lock a deal with Via Rail or something to offer deals on tickets to people outside of Ottawa. Like, 100$ for two tickets and two round-trip train tickets. They could get better crowds with people coming from Montreal, Toronto and Hamilton.

Saskatchewan has 9760 season tickets to date. Which is down slightly from last year but up from the year before.

The Bombers have sold 16652 season tickets so far. Great job Bomber fans!!!

wow. really good job Bomber fans. i guess with the grey cup things always get grabbed earlier, but still.

Unless Melnyk buys the team and operates FC, I don't think the Gades will ever come back.
The only positive for me was taking in last years last game against my Argos at FC. It was my first game and never could I have imagined how in all likelihood it would be my last. Sad.
My CFL includes the Gades.

....for a confused lot...I guess we are doing alright Billy...we are slowly beginning to come to grasps... as of now ...with a new identity crisis....but like the flood waters will subside ...and as far as ticket sales go....I think they will really take off ...the east is always a challenge...and best of all the dates with the western rivals are still intact.. :arrow: