Season Ticket Sales

Any word on how many the Lions have sold to date?


call them and ask.

also, be more likely to get such info from fans at

According to this thread about 24 000


that 24000 is just a projected estimate. not whats actually been sold already

It is there goal to reach that 24,000 but if they were any were near that i think they would have annouced it already

i say they are about 18,000 they end up with 20,000

Sure hope they didn't go overboard on corporate tickets; could look empty in there.

Sure hope they didn’t go overboard on corporate tickets; could look empty in there.

great point, that could happen, Bc Place last year all the private seating was sold out but there were a lot of games were a ,lot of corperate fans did not show up.

Heard today on cknw Lions presedent on bill good show said that they should hit the 20,000 season ticket mark, they are at 18,000 right know.

they want to sell all games out this year, well the lions better get off to good start, but if they struggle they will be lucky to see 25,000

I think much of the attendance will depend on the weather. Don't forget how much people whined about getting rained on in Empire Stadium back in the day. And we still live in Vancouver.

Anybody else get their old, OLD seats back?... Even though we're sitting on Hastings (end zone) this season, we're thrilled to sit in our original seats.

Rain or shine, can't wait.

Hey good for you YoEleven! You'll see the north shore mountains and the giant roller coaster just like before. Even the stars in the night sky will not have changed! You should have a great time. For health reasons I wasn't able to re-new but for sure I hope to take in at least one game- for old time's sake. It should be a little different without the track this time.

Just got my season tickets today in the mail, very nice package looks high end,looks like NFL season tickets since i had seahawks tickets a few years ago.

As of fans waiting to see what the weather is going to be like each game i agree and disagree, if the lions can get off to a very good start, they will sell out everygame rain or shine, but if they struggle like last year it will be tough to sell out any game, rain or shine. We hav to remmeber they only have 18,000 season tickets sold, that is close to selling 10,000 single tickets for every game, i think last year they sold an average of 7000 single tickets per game at a season ticket base of 21,000.

I hope mine get here soon, I need a new calendar!
FYI I bought 2 tickets to the Aug 7 game against the Stamps for two other people I know and the best seats left were on the goal line. They're getting picked up FAST!

just bought 2 3 game packs boy am i now stoked for the season to start.

did you buy eskimo or lions tickets

I picked Sask then Montreal and will bring a big umbrella to the Esks game in Octoberrrrr oh ya bought them for Empire thats why im so stocked for the season to begin.

see you there then have a good time.

From what I have heard, single game ticket sales are going well. Credit the Lions with a good ad campaign so far too. Today's ad in the Province is great.

I fully expect to see their first five games sellout — Riders, Als, Stamps (2) and Argos. All should be good weather games, the Argos visit is a Saturday afternoon game so A LOT of Island and out of town fans should be taking that one in, never mind the experience of watching a daytime game at Empire.

The Riders always draw well, as do the Als who come in as the defending champs. The first Stamps visit should provide great weather, as will the second which has the added perk of free PNE admission.

The games after that are a crapshoot — pending on the weather and the team's record. Wouldn't be something if the Riders afternoon visit on Halloween is for first place? 8)

Well lets hope the weather clears up or it could be a cold wet season . I may just be selling rain coats in the Parking lot.

don't worry we are going to have a lot of buitifull warm nights, and a few rainy ones too.