Season Ticket Sales?

Well, I know Edmonton has two at least ST sales. My tickets (which have arrived) and my old neighbour who has his name on the wall at Commonwealth for iirc 30+ years as an ST holder

These numbers need to be clarified. A buddy told me the Sask numbers are actually packages sold (various game packs & season tickets). They are not necessarily all full season ticket packages.

So now we have....

B.C. - 24,000+ (hopefully 25,000 eventually)

Skn - 22,000+

Wpg - 17,000+

Tor - 14,000+

Edm - 2+ (as confirmed by KistsjanCFL) :lol:

Notice there is no numbers for Calgary.... Wonder if they plan on lieing this year as well?

Winnipeg's knocking on 19,000 now

Maybe i'll ask at the Esks ticket office tomorrow, they might at least hint at a number.

Riders area at 22,500, apparently.

The entertainment option argument for Toronto is not a cop out. In a city of 2.5 million people there are plenty that do not enjoy football. There are many that can not afford football. There are many that would rather go to a Jays game if they had to decide. There are also plenty of people that do not even know what football is. There is also another city 50km away with a CFL team, and an NFL team 100km away. There are plenty of reasons why the Argos do not have many season ticket holders for the season but remember that they averaged 30,000 fans per game last year.

Now I will hear the argument that there should be 50,000 fans in there because that is how big the stadium is. That is a copout rebuttle for people that want to pick on Toronto and make themselves feel like their team is the only reason that the CFL is doing well.

As far as the Tiger-Cats, the last I read was around 16,000. Not great compared to previous seasons, but also not terrible considering the years of losing seasons that we have had to deal with and a lagging Ontario economy (maybe another reason Toronto's numbers are not as good as some teams).

I heard BC is gonna be at 25,000 before the season too. Toronto has 4 or 5 million people tho not 2.5, and MOntreal is like 3.2, and Vancouver is around 2.2

People never seem to quite grasp what metropolitan areas are for hte most part, and it is really confusing you have a city within a city. But without those numbers Vancouver would be a city of 600,000 not 2 million, same thing for other metro centres. Metro is just a way to have the city better divided to tackle things a certain way, toronto decided to amalgomate all of them except Mississauga i believe. Like for example dividing a city up into metro's or even amalgomated divisions allows you to better tackle individual needs for garbage and basic city needs, that would be i think far too much for City hall in Vancouver to do all on its own.

I'm now reading that there is still another 2.5 million in Toronto metro areas, so they didn't amalgomate all the metropolitans. So Toronto is 2.5 on its own and 5.1 with the rest of it.

Vancouver is 589,000 or so on its own, and ithink everywhere has pretty much been built up except for new high rise buildings you pretty much have to build in the suburbs now, and the rest of Vancouver is about 2.12 million.

Sorry but the "Toronto has other things" is bs. Can you tell me with a straight face that Vancouver does not have theaters, museums, entertainment, beaches, mountains, etc., etc! Heck, Edmonton has lots of live music, Winnipeg is well know for its Ballet AND yes even Regina has things like the second oldest theater company in Canada and on a per-capita basis, more brewpubs than anywhere in Canada!

Oh yeah, there is nothing to do in Montreal other than watch football!

Give me a break!

I wonder if the Argos decision to lift the home blackouts (televise home games) for the past 15 years has made fans apathetic about buying season tickets? you can always catch the game on TV??

Update from Edmonton: I made inquiries. No hard number being given out, but ticket sales have been moving 'in the last two weeks' and at least in my lower section D and in lower parts of the upper deck, its mostly a few single seats.

Prediction for 08 average attendance.(regular season)
BC 34K
Ed 33K
Cal 31K announced (27K actual)
Sask 28K
Peg city 26500
TO 29K
Ham 23500

Overall a decrease from last year because of massive drops in attendance in both Ham and Ed... Still a chance for those teams if Macoca is fired ASAP... and/or Hamilton comes roaring out of the gate.
Calgary will see a marked inprovement... the only question that remains is... How much are they going to BS about ticket sales THIS year? Hopefully they can keep it under 5000 tickets per game this year.

These were the attendance numbers for 2007 and 2006 (regular season).


Edm 36,843
B.C. 32,456
Cgy 31,239
Tor 30,931
Skn 28,054
Wpg 27,701
Ham 23,201
Mon 22,903


Edm 37,870
B.C. 31,190
Cgy 30,772
Tor 29,677
Wpg 26,988
Ham 26,730
Skn 25,293
Mon 23,025

Edmonton's average for last year is a bit skewed upwards due to the 46k crowd when the riders came in july. Take that out, and our average would have probably been between 34k and 35k. This revised guess takes into account also that even labour day only drew 40k, and the other 7 regular season games were 36k or less IIRC.

What does everybody think about calgary's BS attendance... I have tryed to prompt a negative responce in atleat 3 posts now....and yet nobdy has defended or supported my claims that Calgary has been lieing about their attendance figures for years.....

Well Blin it's hard to take a stand either way when I have no hard facts. All I as a CFL fan have to go by is what the official attendance is listed as. Unless I personally count each fan as they enter the stadium I'll just have to go with those official numbers.

I remeber that last game at home against Saskatchewan was almost a sell out and that game against Montreal was up there, that would be the game the kids got the free tickets too.

The Lions have now surpassed the 25,000 season ticket mark. This is big news for BC! We should look at an average attendance this season of 33-34,000 (maybe even more). The Dome will be rockin' this year!

How about cross referencing it with the Stamps financial statements, that you MIGHT get from a director with that club?