Season Ticket Sales?

Has anyone heard any numbers on season ticket sales for any of the teams yet? It's mid May now, we should be hearing something soon.

I have heard 22,000 for the Riders.

I think 22,000 would be considered a good number at this point. Considering there are only 28,800 seats to fill.

Saying 22,000 season tickets sold for a 28,800 stadium is a "good" number is a gross understatement, in my opinion.

Wpg is up, Sask is up, Lions are up...the Alta teams I don't know, but that is the heartland of Canadian football, so there are few worries there. Unfortunately the East is a lost cause as usual. Perhaps the Argos sold an extra 200 tickets to some Bills fans?

I wouldn't say the East is a lost cause, that's a bit harsh. I suspect Montreal will again have a solid season ticket base, even if they might struggle this year on the field (and thats an "if") they still host the Grey Cup. I think Toronto will be ok this year as well. Hamilton however might not have strong season ticket sales this year, but I hope I am wrong.

...Bombers are definitely up over the same period as last year....and we aren't even hosting the Cup :roll: .....hope to be in it though/// heh heh

well bombers last year had 17,000

So far...

Skn - 22,000
Wpg - 17,000
Tor - 14,000

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On the business side, Lions president Bob Ackles said the team's corporate sponsors are at an all-time high.

Season ticket sales could reach 25,000, nearing the mark of 30,000 the team enjoyed in the mid-1980s.

Good post drummer, CKNW confirmed those numbers on the noon sports.

Sounds like the league is doing all right. But doesn't the Toronto number look a little low for a city with 2.5 million...? :expressionless:

Wonder if at 24,000 and change, the Lions are at the top of the season ticket sales count in the league. Would be interesting to see where Edmonton is at.

I'd be interested in knowing that, as well.

Don't the Esks usually lead the league every year around the 25,000 mark, a figure which is estimated but not confirmed by the team?

I think in the deal Hughie made with the Devil, the number was 30,000.

Of course, back then, one soul plus having to endure a 10 year reign of some guy named Danny seemed like such a small price to pay

Yes, but you have to remember the competition for entertainment in Toronto.

The Leafs, Raptors, Jays, Rock, FC, not to mention many theaters and museums.

Considering all that, 14000 isn't bad.

I suppose you have a point there...

That comment always bugs me. Tickets are cheap in Toronto. People in all cities have a lot of things they like to do other than football. Yes, there are other things to spend money on but that is the case everywhere. It isn't like all of these events take place at the same time. (i.e. for the bulk of the season the Leafs, Raptors and Rock are not even playing)

The big thing with Toronto is the media spin and the perception. If the Argos were perceived to be something that was cool or made Toronto look good in the eyes of Americans, their sales would increase.

But the "there is so much competition for the entertainment dollar" idea is a copout.

Great news from B.C. (25,000 season tickets sold would be awesome).

Good job!!