Season Ticket sales rise in Calgary

Good news out of Calgary ... -skyrocket

Great news !! :thup:

It’s nice to the CFL thriving again ! :rockin:

Great news ande good to see the impact of "cross promotion with the Flames".

OK it might be easier in Calgary with both sports under one roof so to speak but it underlines the point that sportsfans are sportsfans. Hockey - and in Toronto baseball/basketball - are not enemies to be hated. They are massive footprint realities that obsess many Canadians and are not going away. Marketing to hockey fans - and in Toronto "Big League" fans of MLB and NBA- is the way to go.

Good news for the CFL. With NHL coming back to Quebec City the sooner the better for the CFL as that will leave the whole Laval arrogance out of the picture and having synergy for NHL and CFL teams under one ownership group with the seasons almost exactly opposite with very little cross over.
As for a Stadium the Saputo Family has proven you can build a sports specific stadium at a reasonable cost that fans will fill.

Good news. Nice to things are going well in Calgary. With all the new building going on, its one city that we haven’t heard much about.