Season Ticket Renewals

I dreaded going to that game tonight but I went because I am a fan. I stayed until 2:28 left in the game because yep I am a fan.

My three years in the traditions club is over and for those three years, the team I show up every game to cheer for won 11 games in those three years.

There is absolutely no way I will be renewing my seats next year. Sure I will still watch every game but why bother making the effort to go down on a Friday night when the game means nothing and the coaches obviously weren't into the game as is evident in their play calling.

So, if anyone else cares to join me, list the number of seats and Section of you season tickets that you won't be renewing this year. If you are renewing, you must be one of those people who stare at car accident scenes!

4 seats available in Box D!

I need to add two more tickets to my current three. If this thread proves popular, I’ll know early what choices I have should they not be able to accomodate two more in my current location. Anyone giving up five good seats?

Last year we had 7 tickets, this year 4, next year it will be 2... but it wont get any lower than that. We'll still be there.

Real fans Support the team win or lose... I'll be the there next year

those saying they wont renew, just dont bother when the cats are contenders again. Your pathetic kind of fans are not needed or wanted.

TMLMikey, you go to games for 3 years and are still going

and you have the audacity to look down on the people
who go to games while you are still among them.

Sir, you are worse than a born again ex-smoker,
at least they quit before they disparage others.

I'm renewing :thup:

If you don renew and support your team your franchise is going down like it also did before and you will be another Ottawa, and no more Tigcats and maybe CFL , you are also promoting NFL football



When you have a life folks, you spend you time on worthwhile things. The team they fielded over the last three years is not worth my time anymore. I have actually been going religiously for my 33 years. I bring my family and friends to games. I give out tickets to people. I couldn't give tickets away the last two games.

If they improve, sure I'll be right back in Box D. Until then I have better things to do.

By the way Ron I find you pompous at best in your posts, I am assuming that you don't have anything better to do so keep going my friend.

I'm going to see what we do in the offseason regarding player transitions as well as maybe some of the coaching/management staff, and then I will make my decision on whether to renew my seasons or if ticket prices are raised again after another losing season i might just say to heck with it...I can use my money for a lot more needed things!

Being a fan since the Faloney days, and enduring the best and worst over the decades, I must admit that my frustration and anger with the on-field performance is being displaced with mere apathy. As I consider myself to be a loyal, (not blind) fan, the idea of apathy is frightening, beacuse it means you no longer care 'Cause it won't make a difference.

This is not an overnight phenomena, I went from 12 sseason tickets to 10 to the present 8, and I am having a hard time using them up and people even refuse freebies because of the ON-FIELD product. I see a likely drop to 6 or 4 tickets for next year unless something dramatic happens.

Everyone loves and appreciats the Caretaker, and has gone the extra mile for him, but he is essentially being sabotage, albeit unwittingly, by the product.

SOLUTION: First, there has to be a virtually immediate purge of some deadwood, not brand new start, but selective release of individuals, the OC, DC, specialty teams coordinator (God, 13 m3n on the field at this time of year), the DB coach, and the Receivers coach. THe line coaches are in my opinion doing a great job.

Secondly, you do not have to fire Marcel, just re-assing his duties and put someone knowledgeable and experienced in the GM role, as I sense Marcel is neither very good at talent evalutaion, and that his demeanour rubs people the wrong way so that it may not be what we need to entice free agents to come here.

Thirdly: the above has to be done earlier rather than later to build momentum for the new season, if you wait too late you will get the same dose of crap we got this year.

Fourthly: Some continuity is needed, I would rather have it with Charlie instead of Marcel.

Fifthly: PLayer changes, in my opiion, not a complete overhaul, but virtually all the DBs must go, 'cept perhaps Gordon, give DA a 2nd chance, and maybe, if healed, Cody. THe Aauthier experiment at safety should be terminated. Armour is a must to sign, his leaving would give the wrong impression, and some contiunity is needed. Keep the core of the lines in tact and just upgrade them, but blow up the receivers. The only keepers would be Bauman because he is a Canadian tho not a starter yet, and Curry as a back up. No one else deserves a spot even in the back up role. Save $ be dumping Armstead and using it for Armour or a free agent receiver. See what you can get by trading the porcelain doll named Ralph to the west, and then bring in receivers with size, speed, and heart.

SIXTHLY: Caretaker, your marketing crew has to come up with something for those of us that have been loyal, as you cannot afford to lose us, but don't let them mistake loyal fans for being stupid fans. We went with the 3 year plan, and might consider something else, but otherwise you will see us at the games, just in lesser numbers and likely only only walk up purchases. However, the ON-FIELD product is the key.

Sorry for the rant, but it is an effect of the anger to apathy crisis I am in.

10 tickets in Box H will be up for grabs next year
I'm done after 20 years as a season ticket holder thats it for me and all that came with me

Well put smokeystover. Now that is a fan who puts heart and soul into the team.

I go to games with my family. My dad, my 2 brothers, my sister and myself. We currently have 5 season's tickets in Box K. We'll probably cut down to 2 or 3, but now because of the performance of the team. My one brother moved out west and my sister is off at college.

Going to a Cats game is a family thing and I've been going since I was 6 years old and there's no stopping me now.

Yes this is a tough call.
Being a fan does not mean no matter what you go to the game.

I have been a seasons ticket holder for over 10 years, but times change, and prioritys change.
I am still a fan, but I ate my 4 tickets last night.
200 bucks wasted, but not a wasted evening.
I had a nice evening with my family.
Does that make me not a, but there is little to be intersted in with the Cats these days and there are many better things to do.

I have had 4 tickets in box J for the last 4 years. My wife and I invite 2 friends to use those other two tickets for every game.
The last 3 games I couldn't give them away. That means the cats have cost me more than three hundred dollars because of their on field play. Fool no more. I will not renew 2 of my tickets next year because my attempt to help the Cats promote thier product is too expensive for me.

Perhaps the Cats front office can persuade my friends better than I.

I will renew two...perhaps for the last time.

Being a real fan DOES mean sticking with the team through thick and thin...For all you Jerks who want to jump ship..Go ahead Who needs You....

It's interesting reading these threads. :roll:

People complaining because they didn't see a WINNER!

Gee, did you only watch ONE TEAM? :wink:

Let's face some facts here...

Sure, it's nice to have the home team always be a winner...but Really...that's unreasonable...they are rebuilding!

Sure, it's frustrating to go to games and see the team lose...but Hey, you still had a good night out and got to watch First Hand from "the best football stadium in the world"! Thanks Bob for caring! :thup:

Things will turn around and I'm sure next year we will compete and those that gave up their "season's" will be disapointed!

I'm looking forward to Next Year and I'm looking forward to Edmonton (Hitchcock and Goss and a few others) in town on Nov.3rd. :thup: :thup:

I'll cheer both teams. I'm a CFL fan first! :rockin:

Being a real fan DOES mean sticking with the team through thick and thin...For all you Jerks who want to jump ship..Go ahead Who needs You....
In some ways ZEBO I agree with you. I tend not to use the word fan because it's derived from FANATIC with all that the word implies. A fanatic is by nature operating beyond reason and rationality.

Between 'fans' and 'bandwagon jumpers' exist a middle group of team 'supporters'. I guess that I'm in that category.

I have and will continue to support the team. I hope that my passion for the club will return along with some measure of enjoyment. These two qualities have been decidely lacking this year.

However, the word 'supporter' suggests holding something up or providing assistance. The idea of 'tough love' can also co-exist with being a supporter. A supporter attempts - purposes - to be more rational in his or her approach.

On this board the fans and the supporters often clash.

What does 'sticking with the team' mean to you? It probably means something different to me. These are the areas worth exploring and discussing.

All the best.

I dont know about bob personal fortune. Dont know how much he is worth, or how much he makes each yr on other ventures, however, If I was the ticat owner and I could afford to lose a million a yr, I would be willing to do so. What I would do is simple tell the turncoats, I dont need you, I dont want you. I would then keep a record of anyone who did not renew just because of the lack of wins, and refuse to sell to them when the cats started winning again. Rats who leave a sinking ship should never be allowed back on when the holes are fixed.