Season Ticket Renewals already?

Is it me did the TiCats send these out just a little too early this year? We're 2/3 through the season & they want to offer you a "deal" to sign back up?......this is crazy. Until they fix the BY/SM stadium saga they aren't getting any more of my hard earned $.


They did the same thing last season; citing that if you renewed now, you could buy your playoff ticket at the same time.

not sure whats wrong with this…
people are excited about the cats right now, If you wait till after the season they will just keep putting it off and forgetting. If you don’t wanna re up your seats yet then don’t, there just giving you the option.

Agree Mak. You buy tickets to a concert beforehand knowing the perfomance might be cancelled due to a cough the lead singer has or whatever and you get your money back. Just happened to us for a Serj Tankian concert.

I be renewing mine, GO CATS GO!!! :rockin:

Yeah, no problem with this.

Although, if they end up moving a home game to Moncton next year, will we get a 10% refund/credit?

No they will keep it and say it was transportation costs

As a shift worker, I'd really like to see the CFL schedule before I make any committments to tix.

This is a good marketing strategy. I haven't seen the deal but if it means a down payment only with the rest to be payed later there isn't much to lose from the majority. I understand Kirks reluctance as I worked shifts for years but its really not possible for the team to wait until next spring to start selling season ticket packages. Hopefully he and those other shift workers will buy tickets come April

I got mine in the mail, but it wasn't right. Somehow they didn't include all 6 of the seats on my account. Only 4. I guess they don't want us there lol.

I like this idea for a few reasons. For one, it gets people renewing when they are swept up in the football season. (Though, I guess in most years, that's bad.) I also like how it tries to get as many of the playoff tickets sold in advance. I hope this year they have a bit more time to sell the game. Last year must have been crazy trying to get all that done in 4 days.

Personally, I don't think it would be a bad idea to start selling the/a playoff game a week after it's offered to season ticket holders. Just to try and drum up as much advanced sales as possible.

Did anybody get this by email? Or is it just through snail mail? I haven't got anything yet, although it does say something about renewing in my online account.

I got something in the mail today regarding a parking pass @ Scott Park ... a minimal amount due in October and the balance sometime in 2011.

Mine is all taken care of. Just an invoicing error. I guess I’m welcome back next year lol

Why Should I renew ???

This way too early for me to Decided

So I just buy my Playoff ticket at full price and then Decided later on Renewning

What's to decide? As long as the Ticats are still in Hamilton, I'll renew.

I got my new invoice in the mail and it's all fixed. I have to say once again that all of the reps I have dealt with have been great and always take care of any issues very quickly.

The team is losing money big time, and it makes sense to renew early and get some money in the bank. It must be frustrating for the club when people take the wait and see attitude and then renew at the last minute.
You would think that in the biggest region in the country that they could easily sell 20,000 season tickets.

I thought you were a huge fan...

Why should you renew?
So you can see tiger cat football.

This way too early for me to Decided
Decide on what, if your going to be a fan next year?

Lets show our support for Bob Young and your Hamilton Tiger-Cats.


The Team Call me to asking if I am renewing
I said No
I am going Flex Next year

Top 5 reasons I decided to go to a Flex
1 Night Games I can't get back from them after Labour day
Buses in Burlington stop after 11 PM.
2 This is 500 Football Team
why spend 400 a year on them till prove they are better then 500.
3 We not beat any one real good Lost Twice to Montreal and Saskatchewan Even Lost to Edmonton
4 Trying to save for our Vacation after watch 500 Football I need it.
5 Dating again and that takes money

I will Then look at 2012 for seasons again.
also where are playing in 2012??