Season Ticket Renewals 2015

Don't know where the other teams stand after a not so exciting season last year but Ottawa has some good season ticket numbers again this year.
Down compared to last year at this time but that was expected but still very strong with a few weeks to go.
Interesting that Ottawa is connecting with the 18-24 demographic, it sounds like other teams are not.
Jeff Hunt personally called season ticket holders who didn't renew to ask them why. :thup:

The REDBLACKS are the envy of the CFL due their success at reaching the elusive 18-24 year old demographic.

17,000 season tickets in year 1.
Typical renewal is 50% after year 1 in pro sports, Ottawa has already hit 80% renewal (~15,500).
Every single season ticket holder that has not renewed has been/will be contacted by Jeff Hunt personally (~225 accounts).
Early reports indicate that no fans had issues with the team or the venue.
Many of the fans have opted to move from full season ticket purchases have still purchased multi-game packages.

I'm pretty sure they would have been happy with 15,000 to start the season, let alone before camp even starts. :thup:

Ah it's 15,500 so far not including 3 packs.

Well done Ottawa! Anyone have season ticket totals for any other team? I have heard that the Stampeders are around 19000 and pushing for around 22000. Would be nice to know where every team stands.

Saskatchewan also doesn’t really have issues connecting with the 18-24 demographic either… and I’m guessing wouldn’t really envy the Redblacks for it, though I guess it’s nice to pump your own tires when trying to amp up the excitement for your fans; all teams do it in various ways. Good to see the support is carrying through though.

As for season ticket totals, the Riders have been at their 27-28k cap mark for the last number of seasons, and I haven’t heard anything to the contrary this year.

Was this a response to my post directly above? If so, I'm not sure you understood me.

I think at this point it's only friends and family for the Argos. :cry: :cry: :cry:

Hopefully some good news will be around the corner and by the time they play their first actual home game in AUGUST, they can get a decent ticket push.

Something that gets lost in that whole release but that is nice to see is Malik Jackson attempting to return from the retired list last year. There was some concern when Jasper Simmons was traded about who would take over there. Damaso Munoz seemed like a likely candidate and hopefully Jackson can contribute too. :thup:

I think the Ticats are at least a bit lower, they were trying to sell us additional seats and we ended up relocating (right on the 50, for only $10 more per seat per game!), and there were hundreds of seats in quite a few sections.

Kind of surprising coming off back to back trips to the Grey Cup, but there is still time to sell a lot of seats.

We are doing a road trip on the 7th, 8th, 9th of August, Friday night in Ottawa, then on to Toronto for their season opener on Saturday night and then to Hamilton on the 9th for the 5PM game against Winnipeg. All Ontario teams at home that weekend!
So doing my little bit towards the Argo attendance.

That's awesome. Should be an amazing weekend for you.

Holy crap, now THAT is a dedicated owner. Outright calling every single person who didn't renew. Wow, he's giving Bob Young a run at Bob Young's "Best CFL owner" crown.

Sucks that I renewed in December. Next year, I'm not renewing until I get a call from Hunt. :wink:

Seriously, I only knew him by reputation when he became involved just after the Renegades bombed (with the Golden Gate group, if my memory is sound) so this kind of stuff is new to me too. Nicely done. :thup:

I would pay a nickel for a ticket in the Skydump. Worst football venue in North America. If I do a game this year it will be in Ottawa. The same 2 hour drive, outrageously expensive parking, but far better stadium experience.

Where do you park? Do you have the option of using the shuttle system?

Toronto I can park for $6 and be within a 5 minute walk of Skydump. I'm not as familiar with that section of Ottawa. I'm more familiar with downtown, the market and Nepean.

Don't let the avatar fool you, I'm a 2 hour drive from both Toronto and Ottawa.

We take the shuttle from Canada Post Bldgs on riverside drive and get there in less than 15 minutes
price for parking and shuttle is included with your ticket :slight_smile:

Same here. After 2 hour drive from Kingston, nice to have shuttle drive us to the stadium.

Did not know that. Thanks for the info. The Canada Post buildings are just on the west side of Bronson on Riverside correct?

The last couple of games in Ottawa we parked just off Bank St near the Barley Mow, no problem, street parking for free. For the home opener we walked from our downtown hotel, same this year for the Ottawa home opener.
In Toronto I know a spot where I can park for free too, it's a long walk to the RC but if you get there early no problem.
In Hamilton its street parking too for free, just north off of Barton St.
Looking forward to the August weekend road trip - Ottawa, Toronto, Hamilton all playing at home.