Season ticket renewal

Somewhat early, but they're already advertising it. I guess there's no harm. Despite their record, the buzz is still pretty good. I thought there might be more of an "early bird" discount or some such though.

Got mine yesterday too. I too thought it was a bit early.
Deadline is not until January 12th though. Then we'll see how the response is for next season, We'll see if drops off or continues to be sellouts. My guess at this point is it will continue to be a great draw and if the team develops in the right direction, who knows what will happen. 8)

Either way .................... We'll be back!!! :thup:

Renewing mine next week and maybe adding 2 more.

Wouldn't it be something to sell more season tickets in year two than year one?

More or less related, but they said less than 400 left tickets left for the Montreal game, so hopefully the sell out trend continues.

We also added 3 more this year to our group, and while talking to the ticket rep, he noted that MANY current season ticket holders are relocating to better seats as well, and that wold mean freeing up the cheaper seats for these "tire kicker" type for next year 8)

IMO ... it would not be a stretch to see more season ticket holders next year than there are this year. I believe there were 17,000 season tickets bought this year (could be wrong on that number but it should be close) :thup:

Man, I would LOVE to use that against the people who said the team would last two years, tops.

They'll just move the line back, of course (say the team will fold within five years instead) but still.

Got an e-mail about getting a free t-shirt for being among the first 500 to renew, so that's something. :thup: