Season ticket renewal poll

Let's assume you will be asked to renew with a 10% increase in price for your seasons tickets. If you had 30 days to leave a deposit or lose your seat. Would you renew?

Hell yeah.

Even at an increase of 10% it’s till a great deal.

I’m already excited at the prospect of '07 with Charlie Taffe, Holmes and Lumsden.

And the human cruise missile, Tay Cody.

I'm so far the lone dissenter.Reason?Moving to the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia next spring.The commute would be a killer but I'll still be here in spirit.Maybe come up for the Grey Cup game next year when we surprise everyone and have a killer 2007.Go Cats!

If there is a BIG increase $$ and no traditions club Bob and company can jump in lake Ontario!!! flex pack next season.

.....I'm currently a fence sitter. Not made up my mind....but leaning towards NO.


Maybe two out of the four I currently have. Last year I had 22 freebies from unused tickets and this year I am up to 12.

sorry ....but i am going to take the
wait and see attitude for next year.
I've been burned to many times.

Publicly stating our intentions

that we would accept
a 10% season ticket increase

doesn't make sense to me

I respectfully decline to vote in this poll.

I voted yes, but I am worried that the price increase will be considerably more than 10%. Current prices are already about 25% higher than what I paid with my Traditions Club membership. I have heard a lot of people say that they will only pay about $50 more than they paid for the last 3 years, but the published price is already much higher than that.

Will Renew My Ticket
I just hope The Team Know that Raising Prices too High may Change my Mind...

A smart busines approch to selling tickets should NOT....let me repeat ..NOT increase the price of them.Any money made from the increase I'm sure would be lost by people not renewing because of ....well know..the product SUCKED for the last 3 years.