Season Ticket renewal decisions?

So has anyone had a real "heart to heart" with themselves yet on this topic?


Yes, I have thought about whether or not I would renew my 4 seats again for next year and have come to the conclusion after reading Bob's question as to whether or not he should be posting that YES I will in fact renew for next year. As long as the price doesn't go up too much since we are currently in the last year of the first batch of Traditions sets of tickies. Definately 2 out of the 4 tickets and as long as I don't end up with too many unused tickets at the end of this year (last year was 26 for the final game) I will go for all 4.

The Owner, the Caretaker, the BOB or whatever you want to call him has shown alot of faith in we the Ticat fans and this is a way that we can support him in his endeavors to get us a Grey Cup before 2010 so that our streak of at least one Cup in every decade remains intact. Plus I am hopefull that he will use his political savy to negotiate for the 100th Grey Cup to be here in Hamilton.

There is enough individual talent on the current team to compete with anybody. This past off-season we saw alot of the weaknesses addressed on the offensive side and I am betting that the on-field operational side will be looked equally as closely this coming off season. Hamilton has historically been known to have a fierce and tenacious defense but so far this year there has been a lack of the in your face, smash mouth defense that we had when 53 was on the end. Not signing Joe was the biggest mistake that the front office has made this year. The heart and soul he could have brought to this team might have been contageous IMO. It would be interesting to see how many points this current offence (kicking aside) has generated compared to the defense. Pity but its probably close.


In all honesty, probably will not be renewing my seasons tickets for next year. Now don't start telling me that I am not a supporter of the Ticats or a bandwagon jumper or this or that. Frankly I can't see myself plopping down $500.00 for a pair of season tickets with the kind of play I have witnessed the past two games and throughout the season so far. They way things are going I see it as a waste of money.

Don't get me wrong, I will still buy tickets to games and go on a game to game basis. But with the futility of this team I feel that I am stuck with seasons tickets that I purchased for this year. But buying tickets on a game to game basis I am not commited to spending my hard earned cash to watch TiCats football (if that is what the TiCats consider football). I would rather spend time with my 2.5 year old and 9 month old daugthers than sit in the stands and get continuously frustrated by the inept play.


Brox, I understand your frustration, believe me. I've beening watching this for the last 30 years.

But let me tell you what will happen, you will cancel your season tickets and end up going to the exact same number of games (especially if they start winning) and ending paying much more for the games.

Maybe if we could score a td at home a few more times than what, 0 in the last 2 games, that might help a few people in their deicison making process.


Your right, I will have to see what happens during the coming off-season. But as of right now, I don't see this organization improving. In fact, I don't think we have hit the bottom of the barrel yet. I thought that the TiCats would be a powerhouse this year with the player signings and everything that they did during the off-season. I was really looking forward to this year. Actually salavating at the prospects of going to games and beating the cr*p out of other teams. But the play of this years team is a catastrophic disaster of monumental proportions. This is probably the worst TiCats team that I have witnessed and I have been going to TiCats games for over 35 years now.


I'd be happy with a field goal.

A challenge to all ti-cat players.
If you score a field goal ( that's all) I will renew my season tixs.

Obviously a difficult task so don't take it lightly.

Well, barring a disatrous hike in ticket prices (which I think = suicide), we will almost definitely renew our season tickets.

I've had season tickets ever since high school and the Drive for '95 and am not about to give up now.

In the 10+ years I've been coming to games I've seen more losses than wins and more losing teams than champions.

What makes this year so difficult to swallow, though, is that I thought we would be THE team to beat in the East and not only make the playoffs but challenge for the Grey Cup.

So, what does it mean? It means I look forward to an improved team in '07 (another bloody building year...haha). This year, I go to the rest of the games just for kicks 8)

no question,i'll renew my ickets.been a supporter for 45 years through thick and thin and i'm not going to stop supporting the team now.i think the team can only get better..

We'll probably end up renewing our season tickets. I'm not sure if my whole group of 7 will renew. I'll probably end up signing up for another 3 year package. I figure that I've watched terrible football for the past 2-3 years so I don't want to miss the year that the team is actually good again. Honestly though if the team puts up another stinker at home on August 26th I might just go for the tailgating and not bother walking over to the game!

don't want to kick anyone while they are down but i thought this thread was interesting for a few reasons. for one i think the idea of multiseason ticket packages is a brilliant marketing plan. more teams should do that. secondly i hope everyone continues to buy tickets regardless of the frustration people are feeling as i want this league to stay strong(and not only because of the usual bitterness community owned teams feel towards the private ones) i also find it surprising to hear of your dissappointed expectations. i realize your expectations on offense were high and i thought it would be doing better but if any of you expected to go from the bottom of the league to the top becuase of a couple changes???? I don't get that. i expected you to improve certainly but why anyone thought you would be a power does not grasp the concept of a complete team. your defense did very little to improve and you hired paopao as an oc. he hasn't done anything successfully since the early 90's with bc. i believe you need to replace him and get some db's. then you will rise out of the ashes and become a contender again. i hope you don't become contenders until we are back in the west but then may you beat the likes of tor and mont on a regular basis. the cats have always had a place in my heart but while we are in the east i admit i am okay with a few losses going your way.

We have arguably the best defensive back in the league with Goss, an agressive hitter in Cody, and an up and comer in Bradley. Our secondary isn't as week as people believe. Our linebacking core really only has one guy I'd keep, Brooks, he is a leader, and will be an all-star in this league. Due to Reed's lack of football knowledge our Defensive Line hasn't been producing like normal, but both Cotton and Cheatwood are great defensive linemen and Belli is a force in the middle. Our offense brought in:

That's reason enough to expect something big out of them, Paopao, and the rest of the coaching staff are why we are the worst team in the league. Simpson would have been a big boost to our defense, too bad you guys got him. It's not the players, it's the coaches.

i would agree that coaching is your biggest problem. people underestimate how important they are. the real reason the blue and gold have improved over last year is not simpson or the dispersal draft although they definitely helped but we now have a coaching staff that can get something done.

I'll renew but won't attend any games next season. It's not the money but the waste of time going to Ticat games has become. I have found other things to do with my time. Once the team shows that it can entertain on the field again, I'll be back. I've never been interested in all the other things going on. I'm only there for the football.

I will renew my pair of tickets, however not all the tickets in our group of 11 will be renewed. There are 5 that will not make the full investment of seasons tickets and will take their chances game by game next year.

The so called game day experience seems to be taking precedence over the game itself. This is a shortcoming of this organization and I am sure they will sell less tickets to the casual fan and maybe a few hard core fans because of it.

People want to see a good football game (win or lose) for their money - is that asking too much?

Having said that - I am one of the diehards that will continue to support the team. I am dissapointed with this season no doubt - but lifes like that.

Waiting to see the 2007 pricing. I am sure this smart group of marketeers will offer some pricing incentives after the dismal season we are enduring.

I have enjoyed five seasons of Ti-Cat football with a pair of seasons tics,last year for me (after last two home game total complete frustrations ),I can save the $400.

why don’t we bring in Matt Dunnigan to run the OC (calgary used him as a scape goat) we are the worst team in the league so you only can go up sooner or later

I have to say my situation is very similar. We currently have 5 seasons tickets but next year it will be down to 2. My dad and I will continue to go but the other folks we go with have made it quite clear that it's now a chore sitting through these games. They don't care so much if we win or lose, but they would like to see a competitive game. Watching our team get trampled every week is a waste of their time and I'm not even sure they'll go to another game after Labour Day.

As someone said earlier, I'm there for the football, not the side-show that is the "game-day experience."

In my opinion the honeymoon is over for Bob Young. We need to focus on getting a winning team on the field!

I renewed after 2-16 & I renewed after 1-17 so I'll probably renew after ?-?.

In fact if Bob would guarentee me todays prices I'll renew tomorow.