Season Ticket Question

Hey Everyone;

Been a while since I have been on the boards, but I purchased season tickets for my girlfriends birthday and I was wondering do physical tickets get printed and sent out to season ticket holders or are they strictly managed digitally?


The standard advice is that it's wiser to contact the ticket office directly with this sort of question rather than relying on the hearsay of the forums, but with that out of the way: it's all digital this year unless you contacted the Cats to opt-in (for an additional fee) to get printed tickets (note that the digitial-only option still allows you to print your own paper tickets at home). I believe the deadline has passed, but as always, the safest bet is to call the Cats directly and talk to someone whose job is to know these things.

You had a time frame to order hard copy tickets for $25 per seat if you missed the deadline you are print at home or mobile tickets as its to late to order now.