Season Ticket Party

Anybody going to this?? I completely forgot about it until I saw it in the paper. What exactly is it and more importantly will there be free beer?


Hamilton, Ontario – On Friday, October 24th, the Hamilton Tiger-Cats will honour Ticats legends Don Sutherin and Less Browne when their names are added to the Ticats Wall of Honour as the team takes on the Calgary Stampeders during the last home game of the 2008 season at Ivor Wynne Stadium.

In addition, the Ticats will honour all fans in attendance as Friday also marks Fan Appreciation Night.

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maybe we will get 25% off

Further to that:

Did anyone attend the platinum season ticket holder TigerTown Tavern event at 1 Jarvis Street on Oct. 8? Was there anything redeeming about it, or was it as pointless as it sounded on paper?

Was it just a chance for them to check whether the chips they secretly implanted in our brains are still working? :wink:

We did ... I thought it was good. Scott Mitchell was openly answering any question that was asked (aside from specific personnel decisions) and I thought came across as sincere.

Marcel was there for a while (tho' I didn't talk to him), Tony Miles was there and played pool with my son which he LOVED and DH and I spent a while talking to Jordan Rempel from the Oline. What a nice guy! Really down to earth and likes Hammertown so much he bought a townhouse on the mountain so he's here year round.

Being a season ticket holder since 1972, it annoys me that on Fan Appreciation Night, 50 prize packages are awarded to any fan showing up to that single game. This includes all the people using the free tickets given to season ticket holders for this game. I realize that I could get a free pop and hot dog by going to the pre-game season ticket holder party but I only want to show up to the game (Ticat Express bus doesn't go that early). If they restricted it to season ticket holders, the ticket holder's location and name could be shown on the TigerVision. They could even deliver the prize to your house instead of having to go to fan services on the other side of the stadium while the game is in progress.

and if that wrist band is long gone?!?!

Pop and chip party!! Oh hotdogs armour hotdogs!!!

Re the idea of free beer for fan appreciation night...

Many supporters are rightly concerned about rowdy drunken behaviour at football games.

However in our free coors light for every victory this season shouldn't pose a threat to security.

And before any of you get bent out of shape...I'm kidding of course.

See you at the game!