Season Ticket Packages

Last year Season Ticket Packages where Basically Flyer Suffers for Ticat Business Partners.

Junk to throw Away..
How about Adding Some Value for Us Season ticket Holders

A Give away or Something.
Dose not have to be Somthing Big
Small Will do.

Please Limted the Junk
We just throw it away
More for our Landfills that is being Waistfull.

Sorry On...
Sure an extra would be nice but really, it this a major complaint? It gives the club income and so, in some way, improves the product. I get more junk mail every day than the bit that comes in that envelope each year.

It's always interesting to see who they've coralled as sponsors for the year.

My take...

Roomer has that Cats get Rid Of greedy ticket Holdes. Unless went Gone Collage. Then Safe

Mycko..please translate that one for me. I've read it 5 times and still don't get it. Thanks :slight_smile:

I would rather start a crusade against the gas company
for stuffing flyers in our heating bills, ONknight.

If the Ticats gave up the revenue from businesses
paying to have flyers in our season tickets packages

they could make up the forgone revenue from us
through charging us higher ticket prices.

He Trying to Write in Onknighteese


I would Rather Pay 10-20 Dollars more not have the Junk

You should recycle it.

Well put it this way unless your willing to front the bill that the sponsors pay on the price of your season tickets than you should complain. For all I care they can send me a phonebook full of ad's if it keeps the teams' sponsors

I actually used some of the things in there and had my roof done by Deluca last summer.


I would Rather Pay 10-20 Dollars more not have the Junk

Call up your rep and see if it could be arranged


:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

....this says it all about the "opinions" of Ticat fans. While everyone is entitled....let make sure of a few things:

  • It's Readable
  • It means something
  • Spelling and grammer are put together properly. adds to an overall better "site" experience.


Rich - did you mean to quote the original post in this thread? The one that wasnt intentionally unreadable, the one that really doesn't mean anything, and the one with brutal spelling and grammAr (ahhh..the irony) not put together properly?

I was reading this from the Ottawa Senators web site. Ok, the Eagles might be a bit much but if the Cats get my wife’s favourite David Usher, she will absolutely fall in love with the Cats, even more than I have her now in love with our team!

“Owner Eugene Melnyk hosts a private welcome-back party for season-ticket holders. Guests are treated to a concert by the Eagles.”

[url=] ... istory.cfm[/url]

No, I ment to quote yours "Mycko".
While the comments at the thread start were a "little" off, it was readable....with some effort. Yours, while you may enjoy mocking" someone, was completely unreadable nor funny.

Additionally, Don't send me IM's either especially 2 that are exactly the same and while we are at it, never start off a sentence with "Dude" just sends the wrong message of your ability to interact with ADULTS.


Apologies for the 2. I dont know how that happened as I only sent one.

I think someone needs to learn to relax just a tad.

mycko75: This says a lot about some of your postings on other topics.
Perhaps you could type a little slower to insure you've hit all the necessary lettering which would help make sense of your entry.