Season Ticket Package perks

Along with the season tickets, you generally receive various coupons (McDonalds, Boston Pizza). In my case, I have a pair of season tickets and get one set of coupons. It's been like this for years. I was wondering if anyone gets more than one set of coupons and when does it kick in?

Also wondering with seasons tickets if you get a free ticket to a game like you have in previous years, excepting the LD game of course?

(1) When your season ticket packages arrive you will see that you have received (1) set of coupons along with your tickets. The sponsors whose coupons are included in your package determine how many coupons each package will receive. All ticket packages received 1 coupon set per package, not per ticket.

(2) In regards to the voucher for (2) Club Level seats for any game except for Labour Day that has been received in the past, that voucher was not included in your package. This was not in your package because the voucher was an additional perk for Traditions Club Members only (not all season ticket holders received that voucher), and since the Traditions Club(s) ended after the 2007 season, so did the additional perk.

(3) Parking passes were not included in season ticket packages, but were mailed out today, so you should be receiving those next week.

(4) If you ordered playoff tickets, or Vanier Cup tickets, those will also be mailed out separately as the dates to those events get closer.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to give your Account Executive a call at (905) 547 2287


I’ll post anyway, since others probably want to know this:
Any word on the “free gift” for platinum ticket buyers. When I ordered my tix, I was told it would be something like a choice of certain player jerseys or a sideline jacket.

The 10 % Discount on Items on Roar store is nice.
I got a new T-shirt today

Bring back the Traditions club! It was a great idea when it started. I think it would encourage some of those who cancelled to renew their tickets. I liked having those extra tickets and when people are in the park (especially when they have a free ticket) they will tend to buy merchandise and food/beverages. Just think a winning season and bringing back the Traditions club could push the season tickets to 20 000. Wouldn't that be awesome?

Interesting comments on the coupons... and yes, perhaps the sponsors make this decision, however next year, i'll just ask the team to split up my 4 season tickets and mail them to each of the people receiving them. We do this for convenience.

excellent point crash.

Crash, that's exactly what they deserve for being so cheap. Good strategy.

Im really not trying to be a jerk with that comment... but each season ticket holder deserves the benefits that go with being a season ticket holder. But by calling the ticket office and asking them to split up all of our tickets it creates work, it also forces them to spend 4 times the shipping money... instead of me spending gas money to distribute the tickets to everybody.

Having said that, I remember Bob once talking about fixing the little things, and this is one of those little things that make people roll their eyes.

Of course it isnt a huge deal... but at the end of the day if the team/sponsors cant send a perk to each season ticket holder, then why would I make life easier for them?

The perks/coupons in the package dont' really mean anything to me. I barely look at the stuff that's in it.

I'm just glad I got the tickets.

I pick threw the stuff I want
Then Trash the rest.
To me if Just Annoying Junk Mail.
All But tickets and The Free Food..

Wow, you will be entitled to 4 free sandwiches at McDonalds.

You and your friends can have a party.

and people ask me why I dont post anymore...

No problem. Just change your username.

i gatta agree with you on this crash.

spot on... spot on.

Same here. My 5 tickets go to three different homes.

A few years back, they gave away clocks. My then three season tickets warranted me, yup… one clock.

The more things change the more they stay the same.

Crash: It's not a big deal for the Office to seperate tickets from 1 account and seperate them into individual accounts. When I worked for the club we used to do it all the time.

Put it to you this way I would do the samething if I was in your shoes