Season Ticket Information 2009

I have been looking at other CFL team websites are they are offering season ticket pricing now. I have not been able to find ours. Help

25% off last year's. Sadly.

But for those who are interested in starting up a season ticket account, some information for us noobs would be greatly appreciated.

It's been said the season's ticket pricing will not change for next year ( except for those that had them this year will get a 25% discount because of the playoff guarantee)

Here's the priicng for 2008

Not sure about early bird options at this point.

I spoke to Joe To Day he said the Invoices will start coming out next week

As a shift worker I wish they'd get the schedule out before the early bird deadline.

Also, season's tickets would be great Christmas presents. All the more reason to get next season's schedule established right around now.

is it really that hard with the same eight teams and same eight stadia?