Season Ticket Holders

Will they credit season ticket holders with the games that will not be played?

Administrative Phone: 905-547-CATS (2287)

Please let us know what they say when you call them.

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They credited my account for the 3 missing games the next day after the shortened season announcement. I didn't even have to ask. I did email my rep and he confirmed it for me.

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ok thanks
will call tomorrow

I talked to them a few weeks ago and was told the money will be credited for 2022. They won’t offer a refund but might do so if asked.

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I was told I can get the credit for 2022 or get a refund. I could not use the credit directly for Grey Cup tickets ( different accounts) but could get a refund then buy Grey Cup tickets, but all those details are on hold until the league confirms a start date.

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I think a more interesting question is what will they do with all the season ticket holders when it comes to limited capacity and how will they decide who gets to attend and what will they do regarding refunds or credits in this case?

If they are not playing home games until September then they might not have to deal with having to choose. It all depends on what the capacity restrictions will be by Labour Day.
Is they only allow 6000 for example, my guess is they ask season ticket holders to list their preferences for what games they want and then run a lottery and make sure everyone gets access to the same amount of games.
I'm sure they can look to what the NFL did last year for examples. I am also 100% sure refunds or credits will be issued if needed.


Hey all... Just purchased Seasons and Grey Cup seats. Cant wait for the season to begin and meet some of you season ticket holders. Anything special i should be looking out for besides parking since that won't be a problem for me this season

What section are you in?

101.. I figured I would sit anywhere in lower for seat and grey cup as i paid everything yesterday

$5 beers before kickoff, and 15% off non alcohol concessions is good. You can use your Ticat app to get the discount, but this year I am going to request a Laminated Card and have the person scan that . That is if they allow people to use the cards this year. They might , because of Covid, make it all digital.
Other perks, like watching the warmups from the field was cool, again it might not happen this year. If allowed, checking out the Hall of Fame after the game is really cool, but it makes you wish you had Club seats .

I'm in the completely opposite! 111!

Yah i was looking at that section however Im the kind of person who wants to see highlights on the video board and such and my sales rep yesterday said that from 111 would be hard to see it otherwise i would of went with 111

Question. Where abouts are you allowed to go on field by warm up I guess in the area by the score board endzone wise?

East side of stadium behind the long LED advertiser horizontal board on the ground. In 2019 they chose season seat holders by certain sections each game so only a couple hundred at a time each game could be there and watch the warmups. I doubt that will be a thing this year as it does not lend itself well to social distancing.

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Your sales rep is wrong. 111 is right in front of the scoreboard. The scoreboard is easily seen all over the stadium.

Speedy would play catch with the kids watching the warm ups. It was so cool, and one of my boys caught a ball once.

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