Season ticket holders

I am curious. The temp stadium is 14000, how many of those seats will be used up by season ticket holders?

About 60% have renewed for this year, or bought a 5 game pack.

60% is about 6,000, so subtract the number of 5 pack game holders, and add new season tickets holders (numbers that are unknown)

Yikes. 6000 is pretty light. Hopefully you guys can fill the place.

when they 60% renewed is that just 60% of accounts are renewed. They’re not really including how many seats each holder has.

They never really mention numbers. In the Spec they’ say they’re expecting 2,500 - 5,000 regional fans per game. so there’s at least 5,000 seats available for the causal ticket buyer. so maybe there will be about 9,000 season seat holders going to the game. I dunno.

IIRC, it was mentioned here somewhere that there were 15,000 STHs, 10,000 of which were paying customers, the rest being corporate or ST used as payment in kind.

So my assumption was 60% ( or 6,000) of paying fans. Perhaps the 60% includes corproate too, but we don't know that breakdown.

Can you imagine if we cant sell out EVERY game in guelph??? that would be a complete disgrace to the would also show the disdain the fans have, for the fiasco caused by the placement of the new stadium.

i have seasons but only bought the 5 pack,beacuse i thought we had to buy ,if we wanted our seats for next year....does anyone know if this is true or not??? my friends are taking this year off,their seasons tickets and say they will get theirs again next year...same price and all!!!

im not looking forward to going to guelph that often..drove up #6 hway yesterday and it was a zoo coming back ...albeit our games are late and on saturdays, so that should help.

No, this is not true. If you had seaon's seats in 2012, you did not need to renew for this year to be guaranteed seats for next year.

From an FAQ on this site

If you choose NOT to renew your seats in 2013. You will still be guaranteed your seats in the New Stadium at the 2012 price with your original priority, but those that renewed in 2013 will be able to pick their seats first.

Season ticket holders who renewed or bought flex packs have priority over anyone who buys season tickets next year regardless of of there status in 2012.
If your friends did not renew this year, they have lost their priority status for 2014.

They may not get equal to or the same as they had before.