Season Ticket Holders Revolt....

Unless this team Picks it up & Get a Playoff Spot
I will not Renew my Ticket

I call All Season ticket holders to do the Same.

Bob need to do Somthing

Fire Kavis Reed and Mashall

If Winnpeg Get hot Where done...
0-3 this Year
0-8 last Year
0-12 2 Years Before that ..

This is not Fun any more..

W-L record doesn't matter. It's about the game day experience.

As far as being a season ticket holder, yes, I agree. (with the caveat that we're competetive or making moves in an attempt to be)

There is a problem applauding failure week after week.

hopefully you're being facetious

Ive had seasons before, and was actually gonna get them for this season but never got around to it.

How bob handles this season will see if I get em for next season.

Then come out and boo them if it's deserving.

I'm just saying what you hear around here. It's about the game day experience that's all. I would trade all the game day stuff for "W's".

The game day experience surrounding wins is important. However, I do not opt for the attractive "Aints" paper bags for headgear for the first 20,000 fans of an 0-12 team, sponsored by Barton Fink and Rat...LOL

The game day experience in Montreal, Vancouver, Toronto, and Edmonton is outstanding because there is an EXCELLENCE associated with those organizations. we haven't had that year-in, year-out swagger since the Sazio era. The only way to seal the renaissance of Hamilton football is with that kind of on-the-field "product."

Oski Wee Wee,

to even suggest not renewing your season tickets only shows what kind of football fan you really are. i know win or lose i'll renew because i love the game and the team. if your just a fairweather fan then just stay home right now and we wont have to listen to your complaining.

Well, the fairweather fans, as you call them, are probably more essential than the die-hard football fantatic in that they're the ones who dictate what the team does to improve. Better performance, more bums in the seats.

Having said that, I think Bob really does want this team to win. So I say to Bob: Get Craig Smith and Katz on finding us an answer in the d and o coordinator department.

Revolt? You call not renewing seasons tickets a revolt? I say storming the corporate office, taking command of IVS, making our own decisions, thus never losing another game ever. Now that's a revolt. Who's with me?

I am a season ticket holder and all I can say is that changes need to be made and need to be made right now. I am sick and tired of paying hard earned money to watch this pathetic excuse of a team. Enough is enough already. I am tired of losing year in and year out.

To think with all the hype this off-season that we would be a team that contends for the Grey Cup with all of the new players in camp. I was ready for a great year. But now I have witnessed 3 straight loses and frankly I can not see this team winning until maybe labour day. The offence is poor to say the least. The play calling is nickle and dime the opposing defence until late in the game when we finally open things up with some long passes. The defence is sad in terms of stopping the opposition(i.e first possession by the Stamps, 4 plays 80 yards = touchdown). It is lucky that the Stamps had trouble tonight or else they would have scored at least 50 points. I am tired of seeing the team consistently out-coached. Boreham should be given a ticket out of town and soon, along with Marshall and Reed. I am tired of losing and I am sure alot of other people are as well. I would trade in the game day experience for a win any day. As of today, I am seriously thinking about not re-newing my season ticket subscription for next year. Patience, I have had enough patience with this organization. Three years into the 5 year plan and I don't see the on-field product improving. Same old same old. It' time for changes.


i'd never stop supporting the ticats and give up my seasons tix.NEVER!
i don't feel real fan does that.
however, yes changes in certain parts of the coaching staff are needed and if things dont get fixed we may those 5-10 thou borderline fans.
i wouldn't would lose any sleep over it but bob might.


I never said that I would stop supporting the team. I would make it to each and every game because I have been a Ti-Cats fan for all of my life and will forever be a Ti-Cats fan and a CFL fan. I just want to send a message to the ownership that I am not happy with the way things are going with this club. How else are we, the fans, going to get the message across to the ownership?


Never mind about season tickets. The play of the team right now may be what Bob wants. The three year season ticket lock is over, and with a bad team that would mean we would need to raise prices for tickets and concessions even higher to get “talented players” on the field.

Yah, that's it. Thanks for that enlightening lesson in business management. Do you employ similar strategies running your own business or do you consult?

Nope.....but when I am requested to spend more money and told the reason for increases is to keep up with the "rest" of the league and to be able to afford to put a good product on the field then I expect that to happen. Thus far it hasn't.....has it???? I guess with those of you that are okay with this must be really enjoying the "game day experience." But for me I buy my tickets to watch football and good football and I have only seen that in the past three to four years at the Dome watching the hated Argos. If I wanted to drink high price beer and watch a big screen tv I would do that at home and would even be nice enought to put flowers in the bathroom for my wife.

The Cats did a lot in the off season to try and turn around this team. They ain't the Leafs. You do get the sense that management wants to win and will do what it takes. Everybody was real excited about the acquisitions in the off season and were full of praise and anticipation as I recall. I think patience is needed here. They have a lot of talent and hopefully they'll gel.

They have a lot of talent and hopefully they'll gel.
"Hopefully" is the key word. The only potential this team has right now is the potential to go 0-18.

Hey, hey you're not being fair. I'm sure they'll win a game. Like I said , I hope they'll gel but right now they are easily the worst team in the league. Still the best part about supporting a team when their down is that the victories are a lot sweeter when they come.