Season ticket holders not getting credit for Moncton?

Season seat renewal info package came by email, and it sounds like 2011 season seat holders got screwed by Touchdown Atlantic. Page six of the info package talks about paying for 2011 playoff tickets when we renew for 2012, and no mention is made of any credit for the 2011 regular season home game we paid for up front but which was withdrawn after the 2011 invoices came out:

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I was told that the Moncton game would mean we wouldn't be billed for the home playoff game, and then if we didn't get said home playoff game, that it would be credited towards next season.

Was wondering the same thing myself with this.

Wouldn't it make more sense to call them up and ask for clarification than to assume that we're getting screwed and post that to the forum?

I was told same thing in a phone call from my ticket rep a few weeks ago.

Maybe they did, but if you have soom info on this it would be greatly appreciated! I noticed this post was started here also a week ago with no response from the organization... viewtopic.php?f=5&t=69771
Im sure there is more then one thats confused about this.

Bob will make sure it is right!

Yep that was my understanding also.

I still ask the obvious question here.. why did they charge people in the first place for a game they cannot attend? It's quite sketchy.

Is there a Ticat bank now? Why do they need to hold onto the fans money? Are they paying the fans interest on their money?

I don't know what they did for new season ticket holders after the game was announced, but when I paid for mine last year, the Moncton game was not yet official. What should they have done?

I re-upped back in October of 2010 and the schedule wasn't released until February of 2011. It was being rumoured heavily that the Cats would be going to Moncton, but nothing was official. Doesn't seem sketchy to me at all.

I understand that the schedule came out after early renews were already purchased but they kept charging for 10 games even after the Moncton game was announced. Thats the sketchy part.

Since game attendance is based on tickets sold rather than butts in the seats the Moncton game should have had the amount of Ticat season ticket holders added to the attendance since they all bought a ticket also.

I don’t mind the idea of buying a couple Moncton CFL fans tickets to the game.

Fine to me the way it was done.

my rep called me for the labour day game saying i had a credit towards a game this year because of the moncton game which in turn i used for labour day

I renewed my two season tickets last October and added a third seat in March. The third ticket was the same price as the first two, even after the Moncton game was announced. And yes, it was my understanding that unused Moncton tickets would be credited towards a home playoff game if we have one. The team clearly didn't expect many people to use the Moncton tickets because they are not included in the season ticket package (and that makes it tricky to exchange for another game under the "Never a wasted ticket" policy).

If everyone paid for ten games games, then the Ticats should have a way to invoice us without double-billing us for the playoff tickets.

In the best case scenario, they will take our orders now but not charge us until the game is confirmed. That is what they did last year.

Then, if a home playoff game is confirmed, they would check the orders against the season ticket holders' accounts. Anyone with a Moncton credit would not be billed the new charge that is currently on the invoice. Anyone who used the Moncton credit already for a regular season game would be billed for a playoff ticket. If their accounting software is up to the task, then sorting out these issues should be easy.

But -- if this is what the team is planning -- the team should have communicated that with the invoices, or responded to one of these two threads. As season tickets holders, we shouldn't have to guess what is happening to our credits.

It's not that tricky, and even less tricky this year than it would have been last year. I exchanged all of my tickets for other ones this year. I just called them up and told them what games I wanted to go to. Unlike last year, I didn't have to send in the originals (so I still have an intact booklet of season tickets).

But -- if this is what the team is planning -- the team should have communicated that with the invoices, or responded to one of these two threads. As season tickets holders, we shouldn't have to guess what is happening to our credits.
This I'll agree with. I don't think the team is out to screw us out of our money, but they haven't done a very good job at communicating things to season ticket holders.

That's interesting. I also found that exchanges were very easy, but I was told I had to surrender unused tickets even after the relevant game was over.

Glad we agree that this is, hopefully, just a communication problem. One that the team will quickly address.

Say wha? I didn't go to the Moncton game. I didn't know I could. I couldn't if I had wanted to. Nobody called me to ask about "Moncton credits". What credits? I didn't notify anyone about "Moncton credits". Help??????

Just received my mailed package and the invoice shows a credit if there is no home playoff game.