season ticket holders enshrined on a wall

As a season ticket holder of the cats for previous 21 yrs and will be for another 21 and more i hope i reflected the other day and remebered why i became a sth.
it was the semi final game in 92 against ottawa the cats down and a come back looked bleak as my family and 4 yr old nephew braved the snowy cold elements.with 6 mins left in the game everyone decided to leave thats when he asked uncle bill can we stay? nd so we did while others left and then the come back of the year happened good ol ozzy for the win.
That off season he asked if we could go to more games so i bought seasons in may of 93 he was diagnosed with cancer but no matter how sick or tired he was we were always there. His love for the team grew and ozzy and winfeild were his favs.he passed in 95 never to see a game but his brothers and myself have carried on his memory.
so this year on that wall there wont be a bill wilcox Im asking for robbie wilcox to be engraved instead. Not much to ask for id say.

or perhaps they can make a wall in memory of people i heard the molson centre walkway did that and charged 20 bucks a brick well the money any thoughts

What a great story Ticatbill. I'm sorry for your loss. I think your doing the right thing here and I'm sure Robbie will be looking down with joy.