Season Ticket Holder where are you Sitting this Year

I thought I'd ask my Fellow Season Ticket Holders Where are Sitting this Year???

Look in my Signature for Where I sit

Come on I know that another 18,000 Season Ticket holders

ill make sure i spill some beer on your seat !

Family section! No beer spilling here....
Lots of seat traffic though.

Section 30A, Row 1, Seat 3!! Just like it says in my siggie!! :wink:


on my ticat cushion


My tickets are for Box J, Row 6, but I'll be sitting in a booth in the Shark Club in Victoria, BC, same as the last two years. :frowning:

I sit in section 7 row 27 seat 40

Section 30A a few rows up from caiteag.

Wherever we damn well please :twisted:

Wherever we damn well please :twisted:

Box I Row 1 Seat 30 :thup:

I'm the one in a big white stretch limo on Balsam watching the game inside with some ladies and drinks and having a great time!
Well, no, but you will see me in Box H, row 25 I think it is, seats 5 & 6(or 6 & & can't remember) with the wife.

Ya I Remember Talking to at the black and Gold Scrimage.. See ya there :slight_smile:

Section 26 row b I can't wait!!!!! First year seasons tickets but now the last....

Hey all, first year season ticket holder here - I got Box-C row 2 seat 8&9 (aisle seats for easy access to the beers)!

Little worried that row 2 might be too close to the field to see some of the endzone action, but then, there's always the cheerleaders :wink:

Section 25 Row C - 4 seats together... we use 2. The kids are now grown! I am not giving up the other 2 though...cause now I've got some room.
We sometimes bring my wife's American family visitors - they love our game!


Sec 7 Row 39- 6 seats together