Season Ticket Holder Event, May 1st, Convention Centre

Hey Argos Season Ticket Holders,

It is with great pleasure that the Argos invite you out to our annual season ticket holder event. This years event we will be celebrating the launch of our new Jerseys for the 2012 season!

The event will be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on May 1st beginning at 6:00pm. There will be a formal press conference that you are invited too along with festivities taking place after.

Please RSVP back either by email or by phone!


cool video :thup:

we will be there :thup:

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Great interview Chris Rudge

The former Canadian Olympic Committee executive joins Brady & Lang in the Morning to update the Grey Cup preparations, to discuss the threat of the NFL's presence in Toronto on the city's CFL franchise, and to prepare fans for a new look coming on May 1st.

THANKS :smiley:

Durie Speaks On The New Jerseys, click below

Owens Ready For Jersey Launch, click below

I received my second reminder today about MAY 1st and there was NO reminder to pay the rest of your money for your Grey Cup tickets. :thup: :rockin:

Same here.

It was a huge success with almost 2,000 people there and almost every player showing up and signing autographs. :thup: