Season Ticket Holder Appreciation Party ?

So what was eveyones thoughts tonight?
Here's my take and rating:

  1. Upon arrival, noticed well over 1000+ people in 1 line for a hotdog! Poor planning, yep. :thdn:
  2. Beer line.....1 line......Poor planning, yep. :thdn:
  3. Team merchandise trailor.....jut 1 location......porr planning....yep. :thdn:
  4. Fill in band.........Marble who? :thdn:
  5. Bob's speech about the fans being the reason ............. :thdn: (hardly anyone clapped for poor Bob when he attempted to motivate the crowd)

Overall, I give this "Appreciation" party the big :thdn: Poor planning and subpar treatment of fans.

Anyone else :cry:

None of this matters to me anymore.... just win ballgames please.

So, if we would have done well this year, would we have gotten "hamburgers" instead?

then don't come out next year unless the organization throws out the red carpet for you...after all...that is at least the minimum....I didn't see you there but I heard royalty was amongst us!!!

glad i didnt go. was there anything to do besides eating free hotdogs and watching a band?

...Yep, that's right.
Red carpet treatment because it was fan Bob said it was because of us....but thanks for the "personal" attack, expected in the forums here in Cat land.....just sharing an opinion but like always around here there's "certain types" that feel complelled to go on the "oh ya" mode of attack.


crying towel should come in handy then!

I was a bit upset with the hotdog line but went and talked with a Ticat representative who explained the problem. I only got the one hotdog but hey it was free. The way I look at it is the organization doesn't have to do stuff like that for us so I think it was great that they did. See everyone next year.

8) Man, some people are just not happy with anything this team attempts to do !! Nothing but bitching and complaining about everything !!
  While I agree that the hot dog line was very long, it actually moved along quite rapidly.  I would estimate that the actual time spent in that line was about 10-12 minutes only  !!!  

  You could have gotten more than 1 hot dog also  !!!  All you had to do was ask for 2 and they willingly gave it to you  !!!    I know, because I got 2  !!!!       <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: --> 

  Let's not be so negative about everything, be positive, damn it  !!!!!        <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

Tell ya what… next year… you host the damn thing… party at your house… ok?

Waaaaaaaaaaaaah. Oh! Grow up! It takes more than whining to be important, needed and wanted.

Excuse me?!? The Marble Index is a great band who has 2 albums out, get played on The Edge and have videos played on Much Music. Plus their tribute to Teenage Head was abosolutely amazing!

Please before you make fun, do some research.

This was a great choice for a last minute band. Just because the music is too new for your liking, you could have left and not complained.

Everyone always says that the key to survival in this city is getting a younger crowd. By having a local band like this playing, you can attract young people.

THE MARBLE INDEX WAS AWESOME LAST NITE! I have seen them 4 times now and I have to say that this was probably the best show I have seen from them.

Not bad considering it was last minute, it was Dan's (the toque-laden guitarist) first show with them, and Brad (the singer) was playing a show with his other band later that night.

It is what you make of it. I had a great time, really enjoyed it. I waited for the line to die down for a hot dog, had a beer, enjoyed the atmosphere. Only waited 2 minutes. I thought it was a nice touch for the team to throw a pre-game party.

I also really appreciated the gift certificates for the platinum seats. true.....whats your address?? :frowning: .....I will donate 1 pack of hots to get you started

LMAO…so true…so true…whats your address?? :frowning: …I will donate 1 pack of hots to get you started

How about the announcement of the prize packages. I almost heard one over the din.
I agree that the team does not have to give us anything. That said, if they choose to show appreciation, then show it. One table serving hot dogs, to all the seasons ticket holders, let me know exactly how much they appreciate me.
The party was as well orchestrated as the play on the field.
Bob has people who don't know football and can't organize a party.

lmao. :lol:

I got there Early Got my Food and Got The Two John Hancock's of Wall of honors guys Quicky
Then Walked around talked to a few Other people and left for my Stadium Gate.
I Did not stay around for Speeches it would be Same as Last year" We'll be better next year."
I am tired of Buying the Hype... I want to win and Want to win Often

I think you said it perfectly.