season ticket delivery

I'm starting to feel like I'm the last person to get their tickets delivered. Maybe that's telling me something......

Anyway, when I paid for them the ticket office said early May. I assumed this was in reference to the calendar, not the weather, so as it's now late May, I'm beginning to wonder whether my mailman is proud new Rider season ticket holder. Should I start making some calls?

I haven't gotten mine yet either.... maybe they did mean the weather, because it has been really nice....if it were the end of March.....
But the Riders and/or post office never makes a mistake.... oh wait a minute... they mailed my 2003 Grey Cup ticket to the wrong address... never mind....

OK. Hopefully they come soon. If not, I think I'll show up at TF first day of camp, and tell anyone within earshot that I'm either watching or playing - they get to pick.

Never hurts to give the ticket office a call.

They must have had you in mind when they traded Kitwna.... :stuck_out_tongue: :lol: :lol:

I just got an email today from them, they said they should be here within the first two weeks of June. It kind of threw me off because the girl at the ticket office said early to mid May when I bought them.

That’s what they told me on the phone too. And then I got the same email. Hopson must have been busy today if we both got emails.

Now I don’t know if I should show up at camp or not. I am a local non-import, which has to at least partially offset my 6.4 forty.

Careful....they may need a tackling dummy....

Is that 6.4 when being chased by ohn Chick or on your way to the buffet.... use which ever time is quicker....

Isn't the entire league putting gameday tickets for sale June 1?
That was likely what the hold=up was.

Sorry...that was my 40 FOOT time. I understand that they want us to run YARDS at the pro level. Maybe I'll just say I'm a kicker.....

They are notoriously baaaad at this! I wouldn't get too worried as long as you have your tickets by game time June 23! :roll:

Delivery is happening today.
15,000 ticket packages in one day. According to my mailman, the Riders didn't bother to tell the Post Office in advance.... organized confusion.
Anyway, if you weren't home today, there should be a notice in your mailbox....

I live north of Saskatoon, meaning it will take Canada Post a few days to get it here.

But that's good news.

Express delivery. So assuming outside of regina was sent out at the same time.... should be no later than tomorrow.

Check your mail boxes,i had to post office to get them and they were in a stack of dozenes