Season Ticket Deadline... Reaction?

My wife, my other closest 2 friends and I have all re-upped for 2007.

   Go Cats Go!!


I have had season tickets since 1986, and I can't imagine my summer and fall without the noise, the intensity, and the cock-eyed hope that THIS might be the year. I think Marcel has a clear mandate for change, and even though some of the moves may be painful, they are, without any doubt, necessary. I think he has learned a lot at Jim Popp's knee, and I have a feeling we will all be pleasantly surprised when he and Charlie get the chance to drive this bus through the 2007 season. Only Dave Beckman could make me walk away from this team.

I know 7 of the 8 people I go with won't be renewing. 5 because of the way the team did last year & the direction so far this year. I will never understand their logic. 2 because of health reasons. For me, I'm gonna wait to c if we get our team back in O8. If not, sry but I can't support a League that can't support one of it's teams.

I think people are having a hard time with the GM because he tells it like it is. It is called honesty folks...something we haven't been accustomed to in pro sports for a long time. Take it easy Willy!

Been there, done that. Just got back from centre and I'm all renewed. Out of the 6 people in my group, 4 are renewing, 2 are not. The 2 aren't due to a scheduled surgery and the following 3 months of rehab/UI. Otherwise, it would have been 6/6.

I'm in. How can't you with one of the best owners in all of professional sports, a quality General Manager and Head Coach, a fantastic game experience, the history of the team, the excitement of the game, the venue, and the potential to turn things around very quickly. Being a Tiger Cat fan is the most fun I've ever had following sports. Oskiee Wee Wee baby!

I’m in again. For me it is about supporting the CFL as well as the TiCat.