Season Ticket Deadline... Reaction?

As upset as i am over the current state of our team, i have renewed and always will renew my tickets.

I ask the question, how many people have decided they ARE NOT 100% WILL NOT renew their tickets this year?

We lost a few people from my group, and I just want to get an idea of the state of our Season Ticket Holders, considering many people have suggested our attendance will drop this year.

So what boat are you in?

I will wait and see

After 35 years my two tickets won't be renewed. If i want to see a game i will just buy a ticket. That won't be a problem i'm sure.

I'll be renewing for sure but will probably downgrade to have some entertainment funds left over to go the Grey Cup.
Hey, I don't have much of a social life, which is the way I like it actually, but going to a Cats game is one part of my life I wouldn't give up unless I absolutely had to and now that I've got my wife hooked, well, what can you say! :thup:

Back when BC was awful in the 70's (Anyone remember Paul Brothers, Don Moorhead? Or the Pezzim ownership years of the 90's?) we still bought tickets and attended the games. I even remember wearing paper bags to protest one or two times. I always went with anticipation that we could "Upset" one of the other 8 teams. It was tough!

I guess what I'm trying to say is, you guys are going through some tough times. I still feel things will look up. (Okay, I'm an optimist)It may take a while. Things go in cycles. It will get better.

Besides, the last thing you want to see is the Labour Day telecast panning the crowd and see an Argo fan dressed in Blue sitting in your seats that YOU have OWNED for the last few years. Don't be too quick to dump your tickets!

The deadline crept up so fast. I didn't even remember until I saw the countdown clock on the webside yesterday.

Now that I'm in the habit of "owning" seats after being a Tiger-Cats fan since I was like 10 or 12 years old?......of course I'm in!

I swear, when we get our hands on that silverware, I'm gonna scam a sip of either champagne or beer out of it.....and who knows, it could be this year!!

Feels kinda good to be there for the team when they most need our continued support..... :cowboy:

Well put Mikey, thats what being a fan is all about.

34 and counting :thup:

I'm in.

The renewal deadline is fastly approaching. If any ticket holders have any questions at all to please contact your Account Executive.

Joe Gallagher


905.547.2287 ext 239

If any one likes to discuss football its us two.

My three year commitment to the Traditions club is over, and I am letting my tickets go.

I won't be back for a couple of years, and although I enjoy a good discount over other Season ticket holders and single game purchasers, I can't justify two more years. I was pretty much giving tickets away, just so I could keep my seat, but my friend informed me that the people paying 10 bucks to sit on the 50 yard line in section 26 would balk at giving me $20. Pretty tough....if that is really the case.

That being said, despite not having any confidence that our new GM really knows what he is doing, I still would buy a Season ticket if I was in Hamilton to use them.

I'll be renewing my three season tickets.
I believe in Bob Young and his commitment to the Cats. He brought in Marcel Desjardins and Charlie Taaffe.....two well experienced CFL people. I don't think you'll see players here next year unless they're totally committed to the team.
They certainly don't have any loyalties to anyone, which is a good thing. :cowboy:

i know of 4 season tickets that aren't being renewed by a friend of mine.

8) I've renewed my 2 seats already, so I'll be back again !!! Marcel said from day one that there would be some surprise changes on this football team, so why would anyone expect less considering the Cats horrendous record of late !!!!

I would like to see the 2007 schedule out before any deadline don't you think thats a fair question? :roll:

Unfortunately, I will be moving to Philadelphia for work, which is a LITTLE too long a commute - though I will be listening -to keep my ticket. The good news is that my Dad and brother are keeping theirs, and I will be up for every game I can...including the Vanier (Go Marauders!) and Grey Cups.

Those of you giving up tickets, remember how valuable this team is to our city. I know it is a commitment, as I keep in mind the race to get from downtown TO (work) to IWS in time for kickoff on a weeknight...I was part of the "Drive for 95" when I and my family repurchased season tix which we gave up in 1987 (after having them since the 40's). I am gonna miss this team and seeing it for 18 weeks in the fall (coverage of CFL football is LOUSY in the Philly area), so I would encourage everyone to enjoy it while you can...and know I am JEALOUS!

Outside of football the ticats have a big reach...bars, resturants, youth football, soccer and baseball partnerships, literacy programs, and im sure many community appearences.

I'm renewing my season ticket. My sister and niece aren't but not because they are unhappy with the moves or the losing seasons.

My brother and I are back for our forty second year as season ticket holders.It's still the best bargain in town.
Pat Lynch(the old guy in section 7 )

I'm in, sure i've been bashing Desjardins for his moves, but i have my right to do that, but despite by whining over the moves so far, i'm still a die hard ticat fan and will renew my season tickets again for my 9th years, Oskee Wee Wee