Season Ticket Deadline Extended...

I personally would like to see this deadline extended into late february/early march. I was a season ticket holder last season and I haven't seen anything at all from the club this offseason to make me want to renew my tickets. we have not gotten any better and all we have done is release people and say that we are not going to resign key players from last year? why on earth would people want to renew their tickets before the early bird deadline when we are worse off than we were last season? IMO the only reason they pushed the deadline back is because the ticket sales are going slow...completely opposite from what was put in the paper a few days ago about the sales going good!

i do agree, but i think Obie is working on a big signing in free agency, like Tom Canada or Matt Dominguez. Personally I would like to see Bradley and Beveridge back before free agency, then when free agency starts i would like to see Canada, Romero and Eddie Davis brought in.

I agree that it LOOKS like he will sign a big free agent but until he does, if he does at all, then im not satisfied

The "Early Bird" deadline was pushed back for two reasons.

  1. The schedule has yet to be released.


  1. We were very busy in the office all last week and over the weekend and we wanted to make sure that everyone who called in and left a message receives a call back from us. We have been returning calls all day today to people who called in after 8 pm on Saturday and yesterday.

Please keep in mind that the 3 other teams in the league who offered Early Bird prices, ended their deadlines in December.

If you need to speak with anyone concerning this matter please contact me at (905) 547 2287 ext.251

Still no CFL schedule...

spoke with my account executive early this evening, told me we should see it tomorrow or friday.

I sent an e-mail to the CFL head office yesterday. I received a reply from a Josh Oubadia (“Co-ordinator of Officiating”?) at 9:26 this morning stating that “The schedule will be announced sometime in the next 10 days.”

Doesn’t sound like it will make it for the extended earlybird deadline.

So will we see an even longer extended earlybird? cause with the trade of brock ralph things are looking up for me getting tickets again

Is it EVERYONE'S understanding that FLEX PACKS are NO LONGER an option ... or am I missing something ?


With the early bird deadline coming to a close Flex Packs will become available for purchase very shortly.