Season ticket count

I was wondering if anyone knew the season ticket base for each team. From what I have been able to compile in other threads here are where some teams stand:

Ottawa: Over 15000, hoping to hit 16000
Montreal: Saw that they are similar to last year, somewhere between 17-18000
Hamilton: Somewhere around 15000, hoping to sell out their ticket packages at around 16000
Toronto: No idea, but saw on argofans the team hopes to hit 10000…eshhh
Winnipeg: Over 20000, hoping for 22000, down from 25000
Sask: No idea
Calgary: Heard from another ticket holder around 21000
Edmonton: No idea
BC: No idea

If anyone has updates or can plug in missing numbers that would be cool!

In recent years the Riders have had a cap on season tickets at around 25000. The demand at the moment is greater than that so 25000 is a good guess.

Don't think Montreal is that high! Ottawa was bragging that they had the highest season tickets account in the eastern conference. Toronto I wouldn't believe the 10,000 season ticket from anyone working in the Argos the Argos have usually been embarrassed the last couple of years of announcing there actual numbers to the media. If I had to guess I would say that they would be lucky to have anymore then 6,000 especially with the current CEO doing very little work again in the off season. B.c. I would think there numbers would be a little higher now by hosting the grey cup this year.

At last weeks REDBLACKS jersey unveil, Jeff Hunt said Ottawa leads the East in season tix @ 15,000+ :thup:

I read about 2-3 weeks ago that BC is 1,000 season tickets ahead of last year at the same time.

I am not sure of BC's total last year, but I think it was around 20K.

BTW, the Grey Cup ticket count stands at 35,000, according to a letter sent yesterday by the club to season ticket holders:

The BC Lions Football Club is pleased to announce that tickets to the 102nd Grey Cup Championship slated for Vancouver on November 30th have exceeded the 35,000-sold mark one month from the public on-sale date.

“We have had an outstanding response from BC Lions season ticket holders as well as some very successful pre-sale promotions dating back to our 102-hour blitz following last year’s game in Regina,? said Jamie Pitblado, GM of the 102nd Grey Cup Festival. “This milestone is a testament to the support of Lions fans across BC and a great example of the excitement and anticipation that’s building in advance of Canada’s largest sporting event.?

Tickets to the 102nd Grey Cup are available to the general public beginning at 10:00 am (PT) on Friday, June 13 by visiting

“This is exciting news for our organization and it reinforces once again that the best way to secure your seats to the 102nd Grey Cup is to be a BC Lions season ticket holder,? said Lions president and CEO Dennis Skulsky. “Not only are you still able to reserve the best seats available at a savings of up to 10 per cent, you also receive access to purchase more seats prior to the on-sale date next month.?

When the club last played host to the Grey Cup in 2011, the game sold out on July 21st, 129 days prior to kickoff and just 30 days after the public on-sale date.

Has Hamilton actually sold 15,000 season tickets? I know they had the big press conference and talked about the Private Suites, the Club Seats and Patios sold out.
They said they "expect to sell close to 5,000 new season seats by the end of June.? but they are restricting season tickets to 16,000. Does that mean they have sold 11,000 so far? "expecting to sell 5,000" doesn't mean they have sold that many. I am sure that with the new stadium they will sell the 5,000 before the end of June.

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It is that high

Ok! That is a good number to have for season tickets then. If that is true then they would be leading the eastern teams!

I think Edmonton was hopping for 32,000 which is very achievable for sure. Down the road with a winning team Maybe 44,000

The Riders were between 28k and 30k last year, and I believe it was announced that it was the highest in the league (Edmonton has gone down over the past number of years).

I assume the Riders, due to lowering the capacity back down from the Grey Cup expansion levels, will probably cap season tickets at last year's number or something like that, that way you at minimum allow anyone who wanted to renew to do so; if some didn't renew, then it's possible to lower it from there and limit the new season ticket purchases. It should probably be at least at or above 25k though.

Never , they will be around 30 k and that’s great for a CFL club. But 44K , is never happening .

Montreal has had great season ticket sales since getting out of the big o and into Percival

This is not trolling or criticism, just genuine curiosity so please take it as such. If Montreal is selling 17,000-18,000 season tickets as indicated above, why are they not selling their remaining 7,000-8,000 seat inventory? That's not even walk-up, as teams sell a % of their gate in the week(s) leading up to the game, or single game sales at the start of the season. Is this number "season ticket packages" (meaning 3 game packs etc)?

The Argos have a much lower season ticket base but appear to draw similar numbers. Is it due to Montreal's ticket prices?


never gonna happen again.

Yeah.. You could say that...
Its because Montreal's tickets are actually sold... The tickets in Toronto are givin away, or are part of corporate sponsorships. That is why a Tuesaday game has no one show up. Games in Montreal that announce 23000 fans actually have atleast 22000 fans. Games in Toronto that announce 23000 fans might have anywhere from 15000 to 18000 actual people. Toronto has very few people actually attend their games... I was told in 2011 by a Rogers staff member that it was around 13000.He said the Jays average was better at around 15000.

I hardly doubt the 15,000 figure?
Look at the last 3 games at the Crap dome, there couldn’t have been more then 2000 fans in the stands fore each game.

Irrespective of paid vs actual at Rogers Centre for the Argos, I would still like to know why there is relatively small chasm between Montreal's season ticket count (17-18K) vs actual game attendance (22-23K). My sense is the remaining 2-3K seats are overpriced, but would like a local's take on it.

The "Rogers staff" you consulted was a liar. That's almost word for word what Rogers staff Damien Cox was saying on Prime Time Sports on the day after the Argos Grey Cup win. Cox claimed he had some "inside" knowledge that the Argos only averaged 13,000 fans in 2012. That is total B.S. as anyone who could see if they actually looked at the crowd. The attendance counts the Argos quote seem very accurate. When they claim 22,000, it looks like there are 9,000 empty seats at Skydome and when they claim 30,000 like at the home opener last year, there was nary an empty seat in the lower bowl.

Anyone who claims the Argos are lying about their attendance is a liar himself, is full of crap and should shutter his foul brain and perhaps find some alternate forms of entertainment, rather than spouting their vile garbage on this CFL forum.

It's actually the Blue Jays Paul Beeston, who publically admitted they'd been lying about the Jays attendance for many years. Just because Rogers lies and admitted they were grossly exaggerated their attendance doesn't mean all sports teams are liars.

Mr. Braley has a track record in B.C. and Toronto of being honest about attendance announcements. In case you didn't notice, the year he took over the Argos dropped a couple thousand in their attendance claims. That's because the Argos were being honest. That's how Braley runs his operations.

I have been to all kinds of Argos games where the announced crowd was in the 20,000 - 22,000 range and there were much fewer than that actually there. More in the 16,000 - 18,000 range if I had to guess. I'll take the Argos word for it - that those tickets are sold but often many of those tickets go unused.

Xvys - what you don't realize when you watch a game on TSN from Rogers Centre that the side behind the Argos bench opposite the TV cameras is where the bulk of Argos fans (and season ticket holders) sit. The side behind the visitors bench - on the same side as the cameras - is always MUCH less crowded with thousands of empty seats even between the 20 yard lines with the exception of when the Ti-Cats visit - and Cats fans buy all the tickets there.

There are very few Argos season ticket holders with seats on the 100 level on the visitors bench side of that stadium. And because of that almost the entire west side of the stadium at the EDF was all Ti-Cats fans - because there were are very few Argos season ticket holders located on that side.

Let's say there was legitimately 20,000 people at an Argos game with 2,000 in the endzone. The other 18,000 would not be a 9,000 - 9,000 split east - west. It would be close to 10,500 - 11,000 on the Argos bench side and only 7000 - 7500 on the visitors bench side. That's why your impression of Argos crowds true size may be skewed because of what the cameras show.