Season ticket count for CFL teams?

Just wondering where each team is for their season ticket base so far? I have heard that the Lions have between 4000-5000 new season ticket holders this year. I believe we are somewhere in the 16,000 range. Any word on other teams?

In Montreal, there’s a waiting list of a few thousand people for season tickets. Every seat in the house is sold as season tickets except for the end zones (so that some new fans can join in from time to time) and “Le Nid des Alouettes”, a tiny section where tickets are (i believe) given to kids who would otherwise not be able to attend (not really sure how they’re picked, though).

In Winnipeg the season ticket count is in the 15 000 range. In Calgary i’ve heard the season ticket count is ahead of last year but i don’t know the numbers.

Season ticket holder of both Winnipeg and Calgary.


I read this last weekend that Stampeder tickets sales are up 2,000 from the same time as last year, but the article didn't say what the actual count was. Looks like we've forgiven the club for past errors and have hope in the new ownership, hopefully they can deliver.

I read the same thing … I just checked into it - and its true … Stampeder season tickets ARE up 2,000 compared to last year at this time …

Making the total # of season ticket holders: 2,106
Hah! Jus’ Buggin’ … GO BOMBERS!!!


I contacted the Stampeder office about my season tickets and they are at around 19,000 and climbing. They should easily hit their target of 21,000 or even more. They said a lot are new subscribers.

RedandWHite, did they say how long until the tickets will be ready for pick up?

I got my 5 Lions season tickets and can't wait. Only 53 more sleeps until the Riders are here for exhibition. I'm not sure what the season ticket target is for the Lions but I know the place will be rockin this year.

They’re usually ready for pickup at the FanFest, IIRC…which is May21st this year.


I was told there should be a letter sent out late April and the tics should be ready for p/u by late May, if you go to FanFest they'll be ready then....

Riders closing in on 12,000..........good job Priders

I stilkl feel like the riders need to step up. To me, there is no excuse to have less than 25,000 at any Rider game. I think it is great that ticket sales are up, but I wish the Riders could get more fans in the stands, say 23,000 season ticket holders.

Last time I read in the paper, the Rider season ticket count was around 11800, which is more than last year and just behind the 2003 Grey Cup year. This is pretty good since Taylor Field's crowds have always been "walk-ups". The only time that season tickets were ever above 20 000 at Taylor Field was when the Riders were on the verge of folding. They held a telathon and needed 20 000 season tickets sold. This was some time in the mid to late 90's.

I also wish that there were more people buying Rider season ticket but look at it this way:

11,800 season tickets = 6.1% of the population of Regina (statscanada Metro population)
19,000 " " = 2% of Calgary pop
16,000 " " = 0.8% of Vancouver
15,000 " ' = 2.2% Winnipeg

if those other cities had the same % of season ticket holders as Regina the figures would be:
Calgary = 47.550
Vancouver 119,220
Winnipeg = 40,260

but some/many/few of those 6.1% don't live in Regina but Saskatoon and the surrounding areas, skewed figures.....

Anyway, reason for coming here in first place, heard today Ottawa's ST count is around 4,500........ouch or what!?

Uhh, how would that be different from any other team!!! Do no people from Red Deer, Ft. Mcleod, etc. have season tickets. Does no one from Brandon or Gimili have season tickets for the Bombers? Does no one from Victoria or Hope have season tickets for the Lions!!!

Do it on a province wide basis and you would still find that the Riders do well as a percentage. Winnipeg might have the edge, but the reality is that about 70% of Manitobans live withing 2 hours of their stadium, only about 25% of Saskatchewan people live within 2 hours of Taylor Field. 60 - 65% of BC residents are within 2 hours of BC Place. What would it be in Calgary 50%?

So the figures are not skewed!

4,500 is absoulutely terrible, c'mon Ottawa step it up!!!!!

how much do season tickets cost from each city?

If 4,500 is accurate, its a bit of a shame. Attendance has consistently been over 20,000 per game the last three seasons, but I must admit that interest has fallen off a little. I usually go out to half a dozen games and I always bring a few friends with me, but season tickets are just a little too expensive. Ottawa really needs a bonifide sales campaign, but it hasn't happened. Anyway, I'm buying a 'FlexPak' for my girlfriend and I next week. STEP UP GADES FANS!

leeing, take a calm pill man, fighting about numbers is such a waste.....probably as numbers go I bet the Riders do quite well, I was just saying your mathmatical approach is flawed. I can't speak for Ontario or Manitoba but I can pretty much guess the number of people that drive to Calgary from Red Deer to watch a Stamps game do so in one minivan. Therefore to base your percentage ont he city population alone doesn't jive. Anyway, look at me calling it a waste of time then ranting about it all the same.....back to Ottawa,

If you are drawing +20K to a game and STs are only in the 4500 range it could very well be the ST price. I know from researching the various teams ST prices Ottawa is second most expensive to Montreal....

From what I've heard, the Argos are approaching the 10,000 mark on season ticket holders. That's a huge improvement from the 3,000 or so it was just 2 seasons ago.

However, it will be interesting to see what happens with the stadium announcement (due tomorrorw- Friday) and if they pull out of the York stadium deal if that will have a negative effect on their season ticket base.

As for prices, the Season ticket packages in Toronto are probably one of the lowest-priced in the league as they can be had for as little as $125. That's a helluva deal