Season starts in less than a week. Where is Ambrosie

And then it will be interesting, to put it in as gracious terms, if any given team in any given game loses 2 quarterbacks to injury. We've seen it happen a few times over the years including when the backup started because the starter was not 100% and then the starter went back in but then re-injured himself.

Then what? Insert the rugby scrum formation, using 8 men up front (wings for the ones who have to be off the line at the snap) and try some onside kicks from scrimmage? /Throws up hands

If I were the coach, I sure would not want the nominated guy, who is elected to play QB because he was for a year way back in high school (and an option QB likely at that), to throw anything forward but a very short pass if at all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Shame Brad Sinopoli retired because I could see this exact situation happening - he finally gets the chance to be a CFL QB stepping in as emergency cover.

Seriously though, I wonder if a team finds themselves in this scenario, would practicing some triple option-style plays in training be worth a shot? It could even suit a Global player(s) with a rugby/Aussie Rules background since proper backwards passing (not the "throw and hope" lateral) is what they'd be used to.

I was thinking the same thing when I did my post above. You sure don't want the emergency QB throwing the ball much.

Remember that NFL game in Denver last season with the COVID emergency QB after the 3QBs had to go on quarantine? Kendall Hinton played a wee bit in FBS college, not in high school or some lower college school as means ZERO in pro football and about as much as it did when you played pick-up ball.

The results were outstandingly crap-tastic!

This is why by comparison the NFL is having none of this any more for teams that miss on protocols.

I think it was a grand mistake not to resume this year so as to allow teams, without restrictions, to dress up to 3QBs with all else the same as now.

The results will be akin to that situation in Denver last season:

Where are you getting that from?

This is the new rule: CFL rule book

"Moving forward, each team will have to establish its 45-men (+1 one reserve player) active roster based on the following breakdown:

– Maximum of 2 QBs vs 3 in 2019 (no designation, meaning that they don’t count against your ratio)
– Maximum of 20 American players (four of which must be identified as designated Americans, meaning they can’t be starters)
– Minimum of 21 National players
– Minimum of 2 Global players

*Note that if a team wishes to dress three QBs, it can. However, that would mean sacrificing an American at another position, which is very unlikely to happen.

Of the 24 starters on a team, a minimum of seven starters have to be Nationals. Therefore, the starting roster should be built based on the following breakdown:

– 1 QB (no designation)
– 16 American players
– 7 National players

For the moment, it isn’t obligatory for teams to start a Global player. If one chooses to do so, however, the Global player will replace an American as to protect the ratio of National players

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It comes right from the CFL. Here's the roster link via the home page. Within it along with in the associated post, is this detail I did not know along with others:

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That's pretty crazy that a third QB would have to be listed at a different position. This must have been a 2021 COVID amendment since the latest CBA didn't mention this at all. The CBA stated that two slots were for QBs and there was no limit to how the remaining positional slots could be distributed (so teams could dress three or four QBs if they chose to do so).

Reference: The comprehensive CFL collective bargaining agreement | 3DownNation

With these new rules I don't think any team will dress 3 QBs:

"A third quarterback can be dressed but he must be listed at another position and follow the guidelines of that position (ex. listed as a WR). Rosters must consist of a minimum of 20 nationals and a maximum of 20 Americans, with two quarterbacks and one Global."

Not sure what they mean by the "3rd QB must follow the guidelines of that position", does that mean if he's listed at another position he can not play QB?


Randy deserves to get credit for making sure the CFL has a season in 2021. Kudos to Ambrosie for doing a good job


What did he do?

Here , here . :hamburger:

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He would get the blame whether or not he did anything to deserve it ... so why not credit


I'm asking what he did. Not if he deserves credit

I suppose I have no idea what he did, but what did you expect him to do, or what would you want to have him do? I’m sure there must be some expectations by the owners/governors that he has to meet. Apparently, as he is keeping his job, he must be meeting them?

Nothing...and that is why I am asking why we should be giving him credit for something

Randy got the season under way in a Pandemic without a huge fallback financial reserves like the NFL has. The CFL is going to lose money, but they are continuing on. For that credit is due

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Like ever other sport league on the planet...which is his job....ok

Way back in my working life, if we had an employee who did his job, we were as happy as pigs in mud. May be that’s what Randy gets credit for doing?


Yes we can give Randy some credit but the real reason there is a 2021 season is this

Dave Naylor

CFL Players have that right not to get vaccinated. As do fans. But here’s an absolute truth: vaccines are the reason there is a 2021 CFL season.#CFL

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So Naylor is a disease expert is he? I wouldn't believe him since he said a CFL/XFL merger would be the end of 3 down rules. Dude is full of shit.

The reason the CFL has to have a season because if they are out of the sport spotlight for another year, they are done as a professional league

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