Season Series Tie Against Winnipeg

At the start of the year after our first two losses to the bombers I said: That team is really nothing special and we can beat them no problem.

I was right, we won the next 2 games and tied the season series.

Now I don't give them much chance to get by montreal and only a bit more chance to get by hamilton.

By the way, argos can beat hamilton too, but despite records I still think the ti caats are better than the bombers.

Hey Marc,

I half agree with you despite records, I don't think the Argos are to far behind the bombers and Ti-cats. It would have been interesting to see what would have happened if Jyles started from day one. (Not saying he is the answer to the QB question for 2012)

I disagree with the Ti-cats being better than the Bombers. I feel the bomber defense is leaps and bounds better than the Cats. The cats, run the ball better, but I don't think the offence is leaps and bounds better than the Bombers O. The bombers also lead the league in one key stat takeaways. I have a feeling they are going to represent the East in the GC. solid defense wins championships.