Season Seat Renewal Relief?!$

I have just been Temporarily laid off at a local automotive parts manufacturer, if this lasts for awhile it would be nice if The Ticats could give season seat holders more payment options payment plan or suspend payments on my visa . Also hopefully the CFL will not pull the plug on the season because Covid 19 if this goes on it must be very tough on players to stay in conditioning for the start of training camps . All the best and safe health to tiger nation, glad its not june yet!
USW Steelworker

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Cats99 has pointed out a big concern, not only for fans, but for teams and players. I believe season tickets sales and game day ticket sales are the life blood of the CFL. If fans have to forfeit due to lay offs, everyone will suffer.

Luckily for us retired folk, the cheque keeps coming (we hope!!) but for those forced to choose between rent, accommodation and utilities or football tickets, payment deadlines are fast approaching.

Maybe we pension guys, able to do so, should get our payments in quickly, to provide the club with a cash flow cushion.


I'm extremely glad I didn't upgrade my seats. Wife and I were truly considering it. But we kept with purples, and locking in on the payment plan, we pay $41 / month for our two tickets off the Visa.

But we understand many tickets are multiple times greater in cost than ours.

Be well, and be careful everyone.


My guess is the Caretaker will be understanding. Better to get the money later rather than not at all. I also believe Mr Young wouldn't want negative publicity over an issue like this.

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Last January (2019), Stamps had a deal, if you renewed your tickets for the next 2 years you get a big discount on Grey Cup ticket.
I foolishly thought my Stamps would be in it, so took the deal, and chose paid in full.
Now I'm glad because my 2020 tickets are long off the books
I know the Stamps have been flexible in the past with Season ticket holders facing a difficult situation. I'd be willing to bet the Ti-Cats and all others will be the same, especially in the situation we find ourselves in.

If you are a season ticket holder, you would have gotten a e-mail notice today about a plan the Cats re offering to give a little relief in your payments for the month of April :grinning:

saw that email.

nice to see Mr Young helping where he can.

we paid in full was email sent to all season ticket holders or just payment plan customers, I never received an email

The plan I have is called, Home Field Advantage, and I got an e-mail the other day about not having to pay in April !! But you have to pay catchup in May, June and July.

I used to pay my tix off in full also, but this year they give you nothing for doing that,
so I went to this special plan !! Other years they gave you a TiCat card with $$ on it to
use at the store or at the game itself !! No such an incentive this year at all :kissing:

I received my email this week. I was asked if I want to defer my April 15th final Season seat payment until May 1st instead.
Not much of a difference so I just let the payment go through normal.
I assume I am most likely paying for my 2021 seats instead of 2020, with the potential for 1/2 a season or most likely no season until 2021

Yes, it would be nice at this point in time that the TiCats followed up with their season
ticket holders and gave some kind of explanation as to what these payments are going
towards. This season or what ??

Actually I don't believe there will be any 2020 season at all, so I guess this years payments go towards next season !! I may as well not wait for them to call me, just call them and ask for a simple explanation.

I certainly don't want to pay for half a season with all Canadian players.
Nothing against Canadian players, but if I am paying top $$$ I don't want that at all !!

Thank you very much :sunglasses: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I would expect that things are so fluid at this time, that nobody can predict what may happen. I hope that the team staff are working from home, and may not have access to all account information and tools.
With Calgary banning sports and events for the foreseeable future, and Quebec following suit, that this season may as well be finished. I see no reasonable method of importing American and Global players into the country, isolating them (and staff) for 14 days, running a training camp, and playing a meaningful season.
I just hope that everyone throughout the League (yes, even the blew team) makes it through unscathed. I actually just got a notification as I have been writing this that a player on the Denver Broncos has COVID-19.

Yes, at this point in time the Cats and every other organization has no idea when a return will be possible and how much of a schedule there will be. It's difficult to make financial promises until we get the green light from health organizations. Once we get that far, the Cats and other franchises will be able to assess their business model in regards to ticket buyers.

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I may be in the minority but I think it's been too quiet on the ticket front.

  1. Many are paying for 3 years of season tickets, 2020 has already been paid for and so really the team should stop taking money for future seasons at this time.

  2. The 2020 season will not be played on its original schedule, refunds should be at least an option. Some would have bought tickets on the premise of the schedule which is no longer being played.

Completely understand this is a fluid situation for everyone but at some point some options/resolution has to take place. Things have changed, jobs have been lost and paying for 2022 Season Tickets are not at all a priority.

Until the league figures out our path forward this season there’s not much the Ticats can do. I’m in the same circumstance as you. We do have the option to opt out and not have the “guaranteed “ savings on our Grey Cup tickets. At this point my worry is geared towards not postponing our turn at the Cup. It was hard enough to commit to three years let alone delay another year if this season is cancelled and we don’t get the Cup until 2022. At my age, I hope to be still healthy enough to go.
I’m waiting to hear what the CFL does then decide if I want to continue or cancel further payments. Anything paid for when cancelled will be given as a credit for future use with the club. So I was told😖 I’d rather it a full refund if it comes to that but they were upfront it was a credit only.

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Outside of the 3 year plan - some bought 2020 season tickets (1 year option) on the premise of a schedule that isn't going to happen now. This will be a problem. I think I already saw a MLB class action lawsuit started. Other legal issues coming up with concerts that have not cancelled but postponed (for a date not named). I would hope the team is doing the right thing for those people should a refund option be needed due to job loss, etc.

We're coming up on May, and I haven't heard anything on upcoming payments.

At the very least, the team needs to put a freeze on all monthly payments. I don't think there's going to be a season at all, but if there is, it's certainly not starting anywhere close to on time.

Thank you for opting in to defer your April 15 payment to May 1. We wanted to provide you with the exact amount that will be withdrawn this Friday, May 1st for your records: just received this E mail !$ Im still laid off so the CFL hasn’t said boo and The Ticats want money again ! So bread on the table or tickets whats more important!! Going to call asap as this is not much of a break not even a month maybe **caretaker should set things straight about hounding dedicated season seat holders for cash in these hard times im not a happy camper I should not have to call in again to beg for a deferral WTF

The way I understand Premier Ford's three step "roadmap" for re-opening the province, large gatherings will not be happening until at least September, and only then if a number of fairly specific health criteria are met. Even at that point, I believe he is excluding major gatherings such as concerts and sporting events. With three teams based in Ontario, I'm more and more thinking that our 2020 season ticket purchase will be an advance on 2021 seats. Can't see a three month season, September to November, being a success for the league or for TSN.

Ford did say concerts/stadiums won't be happening "for the foreseeable future". September seems like a very optimistic timeline.

Maybe some approach where stadiums are half full and people can rotate going to games? But seeing as many will likely refuse to go to these types of events until we are safe with a vaccine, we could still be looking at 2021 in line with some of the experts.

Edit: confirmed via multiple news outlets this morning that Sporting Events/Concerts are not even part of Phase 3 - they will be even further out.