Season Seat Renewal Relief?!$

I have just been Temporarily laid off at a local automotive parts manufacturer, if this lasts for awhile it would be nice if The Ticats could give season seat holders more payment options payment plan or suspend payments on my visa . Also hopefully the CFL will not pull the plug on the season because Covid 19 if this goes on it must be very tough on players to stay in conditioning for the start of training camps . All the best and safe health to tiger nation, glad its not june yet!
USW Steelworker

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Cats99 has pointed out a big concern, not only for fans, but for teams and players. I believe season tickets sales and game day ticket sales are the life blood of the CFL. If fans have to forfeit due to lay offs, everyone will suffer.

Luckily for us retired folk, the cheque keeps coming (we hope!!) but for those forced to choose between rent, accommodation and utilities or football tickets, payment deadlines are fast approaching.

Maybe we pension guys, able to do so, should get our payments in quickly, to provide the club with a cash flow cushion.


I'm extremely glad I didn't upgrade my seats. Wife and I were truly considering it. But we kept with purples, and locking in on the payment plan, we pay $41 / month for our two tickets off the Visa.

But we understand many tickets are multiple times greater in cost than ours.

Be well, and be careful everyone.


My guess is the Caretaker will be understanding. Better to get the money later rather than not at all. I also believe Mr Young wouldn't want negative publicity over an issue like this.

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Last January (2019), Stamps had a deal, if you renewed your tickets for the next 2 years you get a big discount on Grey Cup ticket.
I foolishly thought my Stamps would be in it, so took the deal, and chose paid in full.
Now I'm glad because my 2020 tickets are long off the books
I know the Stamps have been flexible in the past with Season ticket holders facing a difficult situation. I'd be willing to bet the Ti-Cats and all others will be the same, especially in the situation we find ourselves in.

If you are a season ticket holder, you would have gotten a e-mail notice today about a plan the Cats re offering to give a little relief in your payments for the month of April :grinning:

saw that email.

nice to see Mr Young helping where he can.

we paid in full was email sent to all season ticket holders or just payment plan customers, I never received an email

The plan I have is called, Home Field Advantage, and I got an e-mail the other day about not having to pay in April !! But you have to pay catchup in May, June and July.

I used to pay my tix off in full also, but this year they give you nothing for doing that,
so I went to this special plan !! Other years they gave you a TiCat card with $$ on it to
use at the store or at the game itself !! No such an incentive this year at all :kissing: