Season Seat Renewal Early Bird Deadline [now January 16]

[b]Just a reminder,

Early Bird: Thursday, December 20, 2012 (only a 20% required)

Renew your 2013 Season Seats by Thursday, Dec 20 and receive...
- 2013 Season Seats at the same 2012 Season Seat prices.[/b]

Team should pay you :lol:

Thanks, Going to Guelph is going to be Neat !! it will definitly be Home Field Advantage because all the seats will be scooped up by Ticats Fans :thup:

Just to put it into perspective, some Rider Fans drive 3, 4, hours. some drive 5 hours to attend games.

Personally, I drive to Montreal, and Toronto, and some times fly to Winnipeg(my girlfriend brother lives there) every year to attend Ticats Games, and its fun. Its all part of the Game Day experience :thup: Its what you make it :slight_smile:

Yes TC23 guelph it will be cool , it is not a big deal travel wise from Hamilton , gosh I and u attend games in Moncton , Montreal , and I drive 2.5 hours each way to watch the ti-cats at Ivor Wynne, never thought much of it , as it worth it to watch my team win or lose . Guelph will be closer for me , looking forward to that experience and the new stadium in 2014.

I think the stands will be filled with more Guelphites enjoying the rare CFL experience in their town, than Hamilton travellers.

In the last 2 days a lot of Season Seat Holders have renewed and it is well over 50% renewal rate, so i dont think there will be a lot of tickets left over for the walk up fan ! Might not be any by Thursday, December 20th :thup:

Don't wait, until it's too late :wink:

I think the overwhelming majority are only paying the FULLY REFUNDABLE 20% deposit. Let's wait and see how many are left after the final details of parking, transportation, number of games in Guelph and schedule comes out in the new year. You may find 50% or more may want the refund. I don't believe the hiring of Austin has any effect.

People are procastinators by nature. The attraction of the season getting closer and closer will only attract more fans :thup:
All that said above will only lead to a further demand because everything will be worked out and the unknown will be reality !

Oskee Wee Wee :rockin:

Last chance!

Get you r tickets one day before the end of the world!

"as we know it". :wink:

Hey guys

After today's launch of the new Guelph 5-Pack for season seat holders, we have moved the early bird deadline to Wednesday, January 16.

Fans who renew their season seats or purchase a 5-Pack by January 16 will receive their seats at 2012 prices (plus a facility fee).

For more details about the 5-Pack, see this thread:

I love this line.

"It's the same price, except you have to pay more"

Have your cake and eat it too. Caketaker :lol:

At least they are very upfront with this basically saying if you don't like this added facility fee, don't renew. Even a dummy like me doesn't have to try and figure this out like some surcharges I've seen in the past in very fine print on tickets for events. :wink:

Listen here TCtwenty3, Im a very busy individual that has no time for your antagonistic propaganda. Your pats on the back not only make you look dirty (sanchez), but it corrodes the very thing you try to promote and protect..... Its time to take a few steps back teeCee23 and look at the anarchy you've created. Plus... Im calling the cops on you for being s#@pid...
So to answer your plight..... NO, i ain't goin>>> BUSY!!!

LMAO, your lucky i know you, see you in Guelph !

C'mon Moonbase001, give TC23 a break. We know you are not really that BUSY! So what if he is an anarchist!

More time to think about driving down " KILLER 6 " 5 times ?! Should I ? A family in my nieborhood lost a wife and two kids on that terrible road that is a big factor for me on driving not really wanting to drive to Guelph, fans take this into account will shuttle buses be available ?

Take the Shuttle Bus that will be provided by your Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Q: Will transportation be available?
A: Yes, transportation options will be available. More information to come in the Spring of 2013

I just noticed this in the 2013 FAQ's

Q: Do I have to renew all my seats from 2012?

A: In order to be eligible for the Tier 1 2014 selection, you must renew a minimum of two (2) of your 2012 seats at the same price level. Priority orders for the New Stadium are based on CONTINOUS ownership. If you do not renew a minimum of two seats in 2013 you will not be on the Tier 1 eligible priority list, but you will be able to renew your 2012 seats in 2014 at the same prices as promised by Bob Young.

So, you dont have to renew all your seats to get the Tier 1 2014