Season seat holders: Prepare To Be Bent Over

At the Calgary game last night, they posted a notice on the Jumbotron that information about 2009 season ticket information. Since I still kept my season tickets for 2008 (I’m calling this a “transition year”), I was curious to see how much they would be increasing tickets for next season. So, I went into the “My Argos Account” section on the Argos’ website to see if they might have posted an early invoice. Sure enough, they did, and if what my invoice suggested will be true for others at the Rogers Centre, they’re due for some sticker shock.

My seat is first row in section 206, and this year they went from $145 in 2007 to $172. For 2009, they’re suggesting $249 for the season, a 44.5% increase over this year’s prices. That’s rather steep for a team that will finish no better than .500 this year. Considering that my section could be classed as “the cheap seats”, I hate to imagine the inflation they’ll be levying for say, 100-level prime sidelines.

This is making the possible full-time transition to Ivor Wynne a lot more attractive; provided Bob Young doesn’t go nuts in a feeble attempt to negate the 25% rebate he’ll be giving Ti-Cat season ticket holders after this season’s done.

Thats still pretty cheap....try to go and buy some make belief tickets over at the AC Centre. Don Matthews will turn the Argos around, just wait and see....

I'm paying about that much for my Blue Bomber season tickets. That really isn't that bad a price.

Thats not a bad price, considering you are in a dome stadium, safe from the elements. BC's ticket prices are around there.

Well, i paid $199 last season for my endzone seats before they raised the price, If Bronze level is going up another $50 to $250 a season, it's still not bad

Agree, overall the Argos and the CFL are the best value for the dollar anywhere, on top of which we all know it is the most entertaining product. Period.

We got a 3 year deal, so two more years of no increases. BTW Tom, where were you guys last game?

Damn, Why wasn't i informed of a 3 year deal....

I can't remember, but I think the "locked in for 3 years at 2008 prices" deal was if you bought gold or platinum tickets.

I always wondered how much season tickets cost for the CFL. $250 isn't bad at all. If London had a team, or if Toronto or Hamilton were closer, I think I'd definitely go for some season tickets.

I plan on going to a Raptors game this season with my brother, and we'll probably be shelling out $120-$140 each, and that'll be for the "endzone" prime seats (I can't remember the exact name).

That's is quite an increase but the price is still not that bad

Als season ticks go from 285 for the endzone to 1250 for platinum seats

Ahhh, but here's the kicker. To take advantage of the "early-bird" price, you have to have paid for your tickets by November 28th: the Friday after the Grey Cup. Fail to do so, and they'll get jacked up again. The regular price for my "bronze" seats would be $300 ea. That's the cheapest in the entire stadium. For platinum ducats (prime sideline in the 200-level), they would normally go for about $700-800 ea.