Season Seat Holder Card

This is my first year as a season seat holder. What is the benefit card and when do we get it?
Thanks for the help.

It benefits the Cats so you buy stuff that's overpriced to star with. The in 40 years I've never had the need to use it. You get one card no matter how many seats you subscribe to so it's useless fir everyone else in your group.

It's a marketing card.

Just my opinion. :smiley:

Lenny is right.

One card. Six season seats. It doesn't cost the team a cent, but people think they are getting a deal.

Never mind the comments of people with no constructive things to say these same people are the reason no one comes here any more

Ya...I've only had seasons tickets since 1976....where the hell were you over the last 40 years.

I think I've earned the right to tell it like it is. The stupid card does nothing for me in deciding to renew. It's the game itself. Where else do you go to get live professionall football in easy driving distance?

Not Toronto. And not buffalo.


Okay, I'll bite. Where's your constructive thing to say in relation to the cards?

Hey.... I'M here...