Season Seat Holder $10 Tickets - Winnipeg - Oct. 7th


Kick-Off Your Thanksgiving Weekend with Family and Friends with $10 Tickets

The Tiger-Cats will return to Ivor Wynne Stadium on Friday, October 7, when they face the East Division leaders, the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, at 7:30 p.m. To help you get your Thanksgiving weekend off to a great start, you can bring your family and friends to this game by purchasing additional seats in sections 5 and 9 for just $10 each, up to a maximum of 10 seats while supplies last.

Don't miss this great game, right in the middle of the CFL playoff race. To purchase your additional seats, please contact your Customer Service Team at 905-547-CATS (2287).

:thup: [b]Lets pack the joint ![/b] :thup:

This actually is a GREAT DEAL. I got some for the guys here at work and a couple for clients :thup:

The weather is supposed to be decent too...Beat the Bombers :rockin:

Looks like there are only a few singles left in Sectons 5 and 9. But lots of seats elsewhere on the map.

Click below:

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Yikes, now that's desperation.

So sad that you can have an exciting team and need to offer $10 seats...

Or maybe the TiCat organization is trying to show it's appreciation to season ticket holders and their families/friends?

Ever thought of that?

That's EXACTLY what it is. And I know it works, because some people who I've brought have bought! Some of the best aspects of being a season ticket holder is deals like this and the "never lose a ticket" part of it. It's really a nice feature for those that live a long distance from the stadium! :thup:

Your telling me that if the Ticats had the opportunity to sell out the stadium at full prices, they still would have told the 6k people that bought tickets that don't normally "sorry, we are giving these away for $10 to SSH"?


NO...that's not what I'm telling you. Read whatever you want into it but the section that is being sold is the "group section"...and if you were a season ticket holder, you would know that. :roll:

It's just smart marketing by the Ticats :wink: The goal is to sell more tickets and when people are there they spend money. Hopefully, they will enjoy the game and look forward to come back. :thup:

Here is another Great Deal since the $10.00 Tickets are almost gone!!

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I realize what the goal is. Obviously the more fans you have in attendance at any price is good, they will buy merchandise, concessions, be exposed to the produxt and hopefully want to come back. This is obvious.

I realize that these sections are group sections, the fact of the matter is, its desperation when you sell a $50+ ticket as a $10 ticket. It doesn't matter if you disguise it as a promotion, or 'marketing' (which is correct, obviously a good thing... marketing).

Sorry, just frustrated that they cant get people to buy full price tickets...

Hopefully, with a good game people will buy tickets on there way out...

I received this email for participating in the Wendy's Kick for a Million contest. If you did this is a great offer. Tell your friends and family, if every season ticket holder brings one person the place will be SOLD OUT !! :thup:

Wendy's Kick for a Million Special Ticket Offer

Thank you for participating in the Wendy's Kick for a Million contest. Just for participating in the contest, you have qualified for a special ticket offer for the final two Ticats home games of the 2011 season. If you would like to see the Kick for a Million Semi-Final in Hamilton this Friday, October 7 at 7:30 pm when the Ticats host the Blue Bombers or would like to catch the final Ticats home game of the year on October 22 at 7:00 pm when the Ticats host the B.C. Lions, here is your special ticket offer:

Section - Standard Pricing - Your Price

Gold Seats- - $75 - -$60-

Silver Seats - - $58 - -$40-

Bronze Seats - - $48 - -$32-

To purchase tickets or for further information, please contact Chris Gorman at 905-547-2287 ext.307 and/or

Oskee Wee Wee,

Looks like it should be a good crowd. The weather is looking great, so there should be a good walk up crowd.
The map below on ticket master shows which seats have been sold !!

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