Season Record Prediction Thread

Make your prediction for Hamilton's final season record in 2008. Here's our remaining match-ups.

Vs. Montreal (week 15, Sat. Oct. 4)
@ Montreal (week 16, Mon. Oct. 13)
@ Saskatchewan (week 17, Sun. Oct. 19)
Vs. Calgary (week 18, Fri. Oct 24)
@ Winnipeg (week 19, Sat. Nov. 1)

My say? 3-15.

It's a little off from the 11 wins predicted by Kori Dickerson in training camp.

Montreal: is going to walk on us back to back. I see flashbacks of week 1, with MTL completely healthy.

Saskatchewan: regardless of injuries the Riders are dangerous, and currently tied for 2nd in the west with the Leos. And after back to back matchups with the stampeders, these guys are going to come out the gate fine tuned and firing on all cylinders.

Calgary: Have you watched this team this year? weapons, weapons, weapons. The 1st place western team can hurt you no matter if the O, D, or special teams are on the field. By the time we see them, the'll be preparing for the post season and with their depth, the second string could still put the Cat's away.

Winnipeg: good ol' wobbly winipeg... their inconsitancy makes me think the Tiger-Cats will actually have a chance to compete in this game, but weather or not hearts will be in it is another question. by this point in time, ti's just going through the motions. and with Edmonton only two games behind First place Montreal, this poster feels it's a shoe-in for a cross-over year.

8) I would normally pick us to finish with a 2-16 record, however I am getting the feeling that one of our opponents just might take us for granted in these last few games, so I will go out on a limb and boldly predict a 3-15 record !!! :roll:
 That record should be good enough for the majority of season ticket holders to eagerly renew their tickets for next year again  !!!!          <!-- s:wink: -->:wink:<!-- s:wink: -->

2005-5 wins
2006-4 wins
2007-3 wins

So obviously, 2008-2 wins. It's all about trends, people!!!

cats are going to win two more.

we wont win another game

Don’t go to far out on that limb Tipper, pretty shaky… I do agree though one more win, against the beaten up Riders. Bishop will be riding the bench by then, not that that makes a difference.

It `s tough to say how well were going to do for the remaining games. Every other team in this league is fighting for a playoff spot. ( We are still in it, mathematically) The ticat players, should still play with pride and play all out, because their jobs our on the line for next year.

I think they'll go 2-16 on the year. They won't win the next four and Winnipeg will probably be fighting for a playoff spot in the last game.

It's hard to believe--at the start of the season I thought they might get close to .500!!

An Argo-Cat fan

Roughly one third of the season to go, logic is they might win 1 more game. If you consider that the only stat that matters are win/loss statistics. This team is as bad or worse then last year's.

I still think they could win 3, unless coaching staff decides to play for next yr.

Sorry to tell you but they've been playing for next year for the last two weeks.

Not 1 Game..

We always seem to be able to beat the Eskies when we play 'em late in the season so....I guess that means 2-16. :rockin:

when the u of t varsity blues have won two more games in september than the cats how can any one assert this crew will win one more game.

I agree. The Math patterning is at work! (and 2009 doesnt look great either, at 1 win)

I think we'll win 2 more. 4-14 doesn't sound great, but it would be a good way to end the year. I say we beat Saskatchewan (we owe them after what happened here in Ivor Wynne). The other is up for grabs. One thing's for sure, we won't beat Calgary unless they are resting players.

8) This team has been playing for next year, for the last 4 years in a row !!!! :oops:

At the beginning of the season, I predicted a conservative 5-13.

But alas, we won't reach that lofty goal.

As we have not yet learned to beat ANYONE but the Argos, & we don't play them again, I will stand with a 2-16 record.

Shameful, to say the least...

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Hate to say it but I think we will stay at 2 wins for this season. :cry:

Cats will kill them next year. :frowning: :thup: